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    How do I stop spam?

    unclefester Wayfarer
      The spam feeders have found the "comments" page on one of my web sites. I am forwarding these spams on to as perviosly suggested but I would like to stop the before the even get my email. I have seen some sites that have a randomizing password wiget that would be able to stop them, I just don't know where to find it, any help would be greatfull.


      Tim aka Uncle Fester
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          What it sounds like you might be looking for is called CAPTCHA -- it's a php script. Google that term and see if it leads you to what you need.
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            websolutions Tracker
            is your site based on wordpress?
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              billea Newbie
     isn't going to help you with comment spam. Heck, they don't even help with email spam.

              As previously suggested, you need some software to help. There's basically two categories of software you could use.

              1. CAPTCHA - Lots of solutions there. Some that ask you to type in letters and numbers in a picture, others ask a question like "type in the third word in the phrase: how are you?" This solution stops the automated spams

              2. Blacklisting software, like Askimet. This software keeps a database of known spammers either by the IP address they are coming from, or the links in the url's they are trying to post.

              Or, if you want something much simpler, you could just get an email account on gmail, and get rid of the content form, replacing it with a mailto: url. Gmail does incredibly well at weeding out spam.