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    Looking for Angel investors

    0duicom Newbie
      Myself and my business partner built our company through the early summer and fall of 2008. The responses to our unique service are quite exciting and our expectations are very high for 2009. The most difficult and expensive part was finding and negotiating the type of insurance needed for our venture. It also took time and money to figure out and experiment the specific details of the operation, such us employing the proper personnel and the tools and training for the job. Now that we have everything in place we have ran out of cash. We have everything in order to star the operation but we need more money for marketing and pay roll. we need 50k minimum. Although one of the owners has perfect credit and there is approximately 70k equity on a property, the traditional lenders have not been able to help us. We are open to suggestions for investment proposal of any kind, please let us know ASAP.