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    looking to start a Software Development company

    matrixfive Newbie
      Hi ,

      I'm a 28 year old Software Engineer from Sri Lanka who has 7+ years of
      industry experience. Don't know whether u guys know where Sri Lanka is. :D Well if u check the world map Sri Lanka is the small Island below India. :)

      For more than one year I'm thinking of starting my own software
      development company. In Sri Lanka we have talented software engineers.
      therefore so many Software development companies in the world have set
      up their R & D centers in Sri Lanka. It's really cheap to hire
      engineers from Sri Lanka.

      I'm looking to set up a software outsourcing company and to do so I
      need partners who can provide software development projects to it.

      I have team professionals who has diverse expertise in
      the IT field. For example there are Java experts, .NET experts, Oracle
      experts, Software QA engineers and also there is one who is a business
      analyst. :) So there won't be any difficulty in doing projects using different technologies.

      Another thing I won't to know from the forum is that whether there
      is a way in which I can get projects. It would be best if I can find a
      software company who wants to outsource there work to lower their cost.
      If it's a long term contract it would be good.

      Please kindly advice me on this.



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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Diverse experience means a client base. Get each engineer to make a list of companies they have worked for. Make up a brochure and start making phone calls. Send your brochures to the people youi contact by phone along with a thank you note for the telephone conversation.

          Get a website up and running and do some internet marketing and SEO.

          Good luck, great people are hard to find.
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            intechspecial Ranger
            Welcome to the community.

            Do you have a website?

            If so please post on this thread.
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              BrassJmes Adventurer
              Hi matrixfive,
              If you're looking to advertise your business, and what you're offering is expert outsourcing, then what I would suggest is except for marketing your business, you should also market your experts' past works
              You should invest a decent part of your site to the personal profiles and past experience of your staff. After all, they are what you're selling
              That's my opinion anyway.

              If you would be inclined to use an existing service. or just want to see examples, you can check out and view their business profiles. That's more or less what I'm talking about

              Hope that helped

              Wish you the best of luck with your business

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                  matrixfive Newbie
                  Hi All,

                  Thanks you very much for all your

                  Dave : I sent you a mail

                  DomainDiva : Yes I agree. I have to contact my
                  future customers. If it's a face to face contact it would be good. but I'm from
                  Sri Lanka and financially I really can't offered to meet my future clients in
                  person. That's why I'm thinking whether there is any other way of contacting
                  the customers.

                  Well about my web site, Currently I'm developing it
                  and I'm hoping to have it as soon as possible. Also my team profile and the
                  services that I'm hoping to offer would be in the site.

                  I would appreciate your comments.
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                      jmudalige Newbie
                      Hello MatrixFive,
                      I am a sri lankan living in the US (Minnesota) and I am in the process of starting a deveopment company specializing in technologies such as .net (C#, C++, VB) and server side languages such as and PHP as well as RDBMS such as SQL and ORACLE.
                      My plan is to recruit software developers/engineers in sri lanka and to do the development and I will work here to find clients and contracts. I just graduated from the university of minnesota with a degree in Management information systems and I have also worked for corporate iT in a fortune 500 company. I do have substantial experience in project management and the SDLC. If you are still interested in speaking more about this email me at I am planning to come back to Sri Lanka towards the end of this year to set up the company there. I am in the mean time building a website and business plan to get financing for this project.

                      Joel Mudalige
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                    softwaretailo Newbie

                    We have been using outsourcing services[/url] now for nearly two years and found it to be one of the best software development investments we have ever made.


                    They are very good at understanding and anticipating problems. They are helping us identify and evaluate other related software such as e-compensation and e-appraisal solutions.


                    The efficiencies we've gained with the solution provider allow us to do more with less. Without these efficiencies, we would have to hire at least two additional people for our departments. We estimate that we're saving about USD100,000 annually.
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                      RobClayton Wayfarer
                      I think you are approaching this in the wrong way - asking people who do not know you or your work to refer you business. I think you will find that you will not get more work that way.

                      You state their are many companies in your country offering this same service - what makes you different or better? That is what you have to sell - what another business will get by paying you and not one of your competitors.

                      There are many forums - many for each program language or IT need - some of which allow memebers like you to post profiles so that those looking for your offerings can find you - agains you must demonstrate how you stand out.

                      I would also look into the standard SEO practices as well as maybe direct mail (start small to see what works and keep within your budget) or email marketing - given your situation.

                      Business Junkie .org
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                        rhytha Newbie
                        Hello Matrix5

                        We are young and dynamic IT company in chennai (Madras)India in operations from 2001 , On 2005 we became a Private limited company from proprietorship ,We are exploring the possibility of collaborating on joint venture or partnering with srilanakan entrepreneur to set up IT development company in srilanka . To know more about us please visit oue web sites at,, , you an email us at , or call on us at 9144-26561032

                        Sanjay Williams