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    Chicken or the Egg, help me decide.

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      My wife and I are going to start a small office/warehouse leasing business. We own the land, and want to finance the metal building and construction. Our question is, do we establish our company LLC before we get financing, or can we go ahead with appling for SBA loans right away. Also, should the property be put in the companies name, or remain in our name.
      Thanks to all, and Happy Holidays.
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          STRAIGHTALK Adventurer
          I ain't no banker, I'm a simple web developer.. I'm here because of Your title tag You used..

          very catchy I must and quite clear should I add!! Anyways Let me see If I can answer this very Historic question.....

          I My self was going through something similar.. With my small Web development company.. I wanted to expand and financially I couldn't with stand For the last 3-4 years I have ran My business through my personal accounts and recently I applied for loans but can to find out that If you get all Your paper work out of the way not only would the overall fee would be less but Your Bank solicitation will be looked at with more respect!!

          About who should own the property / building Your or Your Business, this would be more Your personal preference but If you go ahead and Do get Your LLC why would You leave the building out??


          Hope this solved your question or at least has put you and your wife at ease..

          Oh and I do or would say that the EGG had to be first.. Just as Crawling to Walking!

          Happy Holidays


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