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    Starting a business and Attorney fees cont.

    SweetHome Wayfarer

      First I want to say thanks to all who pitch in to answer my question(s).

      Yes, my question has been answered.

      I guess I can do it myself and may need an attorney, accountant etc once the business

      But if I am allowed I have some more questions.

      How does SCORE help you?
      Are they going to refer you to a trust worthy attorney or do they have an attorney in house?
      Same on the case of accountant.

      My thing is to get an accountant and attorney who is fair in the fees and advice.

      I did talk to SCORE people once and all I got was to share my idea and invitations to seminars.
      I didn't go to those seminars because I felt there is nothing practical to get other than networking, motivation etc.

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          NoBullFunding Scout
          I don't believe that SCORE has any in-house accountants or attorneys. SCORE basically will point you in the right direction with regards to getting your business plan written, but they aren't going to substitute for hiring professionals like an attorney or an accountant.

          In my opinion, step 1 should be to sit down and jot your ideas on paper. You can get a lot of good business plan info online, and that will force you to think about all the facets of the business. Who will you sell to? Where will your products come from? Who will you compete with. Yadda, yadda, yadda....

          When I was younger I went to SCORE and was upset because I thought they'd actually hold my hand every step of the way. Being a free volunteer organization, they definately provide a valuable service, but they are not consultants that you can hire to walk you through the entire process (good thing for me, if they did that, NoBullFunding would be no more!)
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              SweetHome Wayfarer

              Thank you for your openness!
              Thank you for your time !

              What a straight forward answer or commentary!
              You are a good person !

              That is what I was looking for. Someone to put things in a plain straightforward language.

              You see, if one says merely "SCORE is free", or answer every question by saying "contact SCORE", it gives a message of holding your hands and lead you. It gives a wrong impression. It is an impression of one stop shop for all your start-ups, which is wrong.

              I think one thing missing on this forum is to let people know that no one is going to help you, including SCORE.
              You are on your own !!!!!
              SCORE and the others may let you know where to find information or what steps might be a good idea to take from the stage you find yourself, but they are not going to help you.
              We all have to keep in mined that there are people who do not post, but just read whatever is out here on the forum.

              I think the answers on this forum would be helpful if it cut thru the BS and is to the point, that is of course my opinion.

              Q How do I form a corporation?
              A: get a trust worthy attorney, shop prices for attorney's, call your local Bar association for referral and an attorney will do that for you.
              Go to the library get the form, make a copy fill out and send. It is that simple.

              I mean more of a practical answer. That would be my preference, or I wouldn't ask question(s) about my idea on a forum.
              I just want to see if people can share their experience to me and others freely, without any strings attached.
              Someone may not have the time or the courage to ask the question(s) I asked, but would like to read the response(s) from the others freely.
              Whatever can be said to me on a meeting with SCORE volunteer can also be written on the forum.
              I have said enough.
              Again, thanks for such a straightforward comment.
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              Elite1 Adventurer
              Our local SBDC (Small Business Development Center) advisor helped me start my business. He provided business plan templates, financing resources were available, etc. Is this a SCORE counselor? I'm not sure. But I should know. My point is... I am an accountant and he refers businesses to me. If there is an SBDC in your area, maybe they could point you in the direction of reliable professionals you are seeking?

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