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    Starting a business and Attorney fees

    SweetHome Wayfarer
      I am planning to start a business.
      I need to incorporate my business and therefore need attorney to do that for me.

      How do I determine fair Attorney fees vs outrageous ones?
      Should I use online services to incorporate?
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          polardoggeo Newbie

          Sweet, I went to the library and zeroxed a copy of the required inc. papers. I also signed out a book on state laws. I also checked out a federal guidelines book to incorp.
          sat down and filled it out. Bought 2 stamps and that was it! Took most of my saturday though
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            You may need to consult an attorney and/or an accountant to advise you on whether you SHOULD incorporate or not, and to make recommendations pertaining to the legal and finacial aspects of your start-up -- but if all those decisions have been made already, then actually forming a corporation is not too difficult. You can do it yourself in most states, or use a service, either of which will cost significantly less than if an attorney does it.

            Hope that helps. Welcome to the community and good luck with your new business.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Starting a business, Welcome

              Tell us more, Go to Members page and share some info about yourself and the business.

              How soon do you plan on starting this business?? Everybody in business should have An Accountant, A Lawyer
              and maybe an insurance Agent. Depending on your location, professional fees vary. Shop around.
              Most Accountants and Lawyers will NOT charge for the first consult.

              Then there is SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                SweetHome Wayfarer
                First I want to say thanks to all who pitch in to answer my question(s).

                Yes, my question has been answered.

                I guess I can do it myself and may need an attorney, accountant once opened.

                How does SCORE help you?
                Are they going to refer you to a trust worthy attorney or do they have an attorney in house?
                Same on accountant.

                My thing is to get an accountant and attorney who is fair in the fees and and advice.

                I did talk to SCORE people once and all I got was to share my idea and invitations to seminars.
                I didn't go to those seminars because I felt there is nothing practical to get other than networking, motivation etc.





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                  yehia1 Newbie
                  just head down to the court house and ask dnt waste your money thell tell you every thing you need to no