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    sales online

    MarkGirl21 Wayfarer
      so here iam writing a bit aobut my business well not mine but i work as a mark rep. I sale makeup online. So here is my site...



      so i want an idea anyone know any way i can get more customers on my online store...
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          EagleEye Adventurer
          I would set up a Facebook, Twitter, post at places like in the forum, look for fashion/make up blogs to comment in, word of mouth, post your link in online directories, start a blog with links to your products, tell people what sets your products apart from similar items, advertise in your local paper and on craig's list, maybe do a youtube vid showing a b4 and after of using your products, testimonials, hand out biz cards to everyone you meet.. directing them to your site.

          Eagle Eye

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              Bouv1jdc Wayfarer
              I EagleEye,
              I was just reading your reply and I found you to be well educated in the field. My husband is a writer as well so that also peeked my interest. Would you please take a look at my site if you have any free time and give me some feedback. Thank you so much!