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    Employee theft accounts for more than 44 percent!

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      *Employee theft accounts for more than 44 percent of all retail loss in the United States .**


      \\ Click here \\Inventory Shrinkage:



      · Employee Theft 44.5%



      · Shoplifting 32.7%



      · Administrative Error 17.5%



      · Vendor Fraud 5.1%



      Research revealed that employee theft accounts for the majority of retail theft in America. According to the report, retailers lost 1.7% of the total annual sales in 2001.

      This result was a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error. Since the retail economy accounts for $1.84 trillion annually, the loss is estimated at $31.3 billion. This is larger then bank robbery, household burglary or even vehicle theft COMBINED!



      At ESLI, we have found that a reliable surveillance system can help reduce this problem significantly. With today's DVR surveillance systems, you can view your business from your home, office or from practically anywhere in the world with an Internet connection**. And unlike traditional VCR tape surveillance systems, DVR's store the image on a hard drive, enabling you to search events by the date, time and other variables such as movment. Also, a majority of business owners are using DVR systems for time management, customer behavior and traffic flow.

      We will never completely stop employee theft, but by following a few steps, you can help reduce your loss.



      Steps you can take to help lower your inventory shrinkage:

      • Keeping vigilant - Employees know when you're alert and when you're not!
      • I*mprove employee job satisfaction - A happy employee, is a trusted employee!*
      • Conduct employee background screenings - Know who you are hiring!
      • Have an updated CCTV surveillance system - Old outdated equipment is seldom use!



      *Study conducted by the University of Florida Richard C. Hollinger, Ph.D., is the study's author


      **Internet service Required


      As with all advice listed on and/or other ESLI publications we try to give you a starting point. All CCTV jobs are different and have individual needs that need to be taken into consideration. Please check with one of our trained representatives with your specific requirements before starting any job.