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    Need Funding for Oil Well Venture

    aan160 Newbie


      My name is Anthony Navarro and I am an oilfield electrician. I have recently been seriously considering purchasing
      an oil well myself. But, as always, starting a new venture requires capitol. And with the economy the way it is,
      that in itself is a task.

      In my search for an oil lease I have come across a lease with three producing wells. None of the wells are operating
      right now, but in the past have produced 1-2 barrels per day. The seller of the lease told me that he had stop operating
      the wells when oil was at $8 dollars per barrel. The wells have not been ran since 1981 so they will most likely need work.
      I have the know how to take on this investment and I know plenty of people to help me with the mechanical side.

      If you are interested please email me at

      This is a great opportunity and I would like to be able to jump on it if at all possible.

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          SIRLANE Newbie

          As the CEO of The Lane Organization, LLC I have the chance to meet and speak directly with investors who invest in oil ventures such as yours. It would be best fitting to have a detailed executive summary and the credentials to follow through. I would ask you to be cautious about someone wanting to lend you money for something of this nature.
          Investors in the oil world do not lend money, but will invest by merging with you and your company to structure first round, second round, and continuous implementation. They will be ther along side you for advise and to make sure that your running a sound project. Definately do not want to make the shareholders have concerns. As long as you have your team in place with the knowledge and background to carry the project through you will be successful in this matter.

          Best regards,

          The Lane Organization, LLC