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    jcl610 Newbie
      I have switched gears from a brick & mortar franchise and started looking at home based franchises to keep overhead low initially. I have been looking into Puroclean and everything I have seen or heard has been very strong.

      Does anyone know how they compare to their competition like Servpro or Service Master?

      Thanks for the help !
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          PUROCLEANPR Newbie
          I am a PuroClean franchise owner. My franchise services water, fire, mold, and biohazard damage in Brevard and Indian River counties in central FL. I can't possibly do justice to an entire business model in a few sentences, so please feel free to contact me directly. You can find my contact information at my website -
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            PuroLancaster Newbie

            Hi jcl610,


            I am a PuroClean franchise owner and would be happy to answer any specific questions that you have. You can find my contact information at

            I read your question two different ways:
            1. How does PuroClean compare to the others from a franchise owner perspective?
            As an owner, I can say that I have a lot fewer limitations than my competitive neighbors. This allows me to grow my business as fast as I want, and as large as I want. The territory restrictions of the other franchises in this industry really limit the size and capabilities of those franchises.

            2. How does MY PuroClean compare to the other businesses in my area?
            Our customer service is on a different level. PuroClean as a system really looks for professionals to become new owners in the system. This results in top quality, customer service oriented owners that have an excellent reputation within our industry.


            I could say a lot more, but would prefer to speak directly.

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              PuroCarolina Newbie

              Hello jcl10,


              You really have switched gears from Men's Hair Salons to Mitigation services. I'm a PuroClean franchise owner in North Carolina. All I can say is positive things. In my opinion it should be started as a hands on business and learn each aspect of it from the bottom up. There are a few significant advantages over the brick & mortar options.


              1. I can take my services to where I am needed, I don't have to wait (and pay costly overhead) while waiting for a customer to walk through the doors.


              2. I don't know the monthly overhead of a Knockout or Too Hottie, but I'll bet it is pretty significant. I wonder how many customers a day have to walk through the doors to break even or make a profit. With PuroClean you only need a handful a month to start a successful business.


              3. Not sure how much those haircuts cost, but I have a hard time paying anything over $15 bucks. Even if you could get $25/cut you'd have to sell several hundred haircuts a month (with a bunch of employees ) to do well. Just think of a service that averages a couple of thousand per job! It doesn't take many jobs to have a successful business, and you can do many of those by yourself.


              I looked into other franchisors in this business and was immediately attracted to PuroClean because of the quality of the organization. I also called several franchisee's from the other organizations as well. They unknowningly help me make the decision towards PuroClean. I encourage you to do the same, and see what local franchisee's have to say about their business. Contact our corporate office at, and learn more details about this great business. I have only been in the organization 3 years, we have grown from 70 to about 250 during that time. It is a great time to jump on board.


              I just looked at the latest stats. In December we had a new franchisee (11 months old) produce $98,000 in business!!! Lets see.... That's about 130 haircuts a day at $25 each for 30 days straight.


              Good Luck with your search, and you can contact me through our corporate office if you would like to discuss further.
              PuroClean in the Carolinas.