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    Hot Young Company

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      Wickless Candles, Safer Alternative Low Start-Up, Team Training

      We offer a truly amazing opportunity with a unique company. A truly ground floor opportunity that is fun, easy, and affordable to all families.


      *You can build your business in several ways. Locally, online via home and catalog parties, one on one, and fund raising are just a few of the ways. *Our team will assist in training you from day one! In addition, we have comprehensive training, conference calls, team chats, team meetings and an online team training website filled with many valuable tools for growing your business!


      The opportunities are endless for those who are dedicated to learning, working, and growing their business. We work together as a team; you will always have a dedicated support team!


      Our FREE Information Packet provides complete details, with no obligation, to assist you in determining whether this is the right opportunity for you and your family. Be sure to read your information completely. It contains all the details on how you can get started, the compensation plan and explains the variety of ways you can earn marketing our wickless candle products.


      Important details about our company ...

      • Unique, Top Quality Products At VERY Affordable Prices!* A Young Company With Terrific Growth Potential* Exclusive Team Training Website With Files to Help You Succeed!* No Consultant Saturation, Less than 20,000 Consultants Nationwide!* NO MONTHLY PURCHASE OR AUTOSHIP!!!* Comprehensive Team Training, Tram Calls, and Monthly Team ChallengesYes, you can build a *REAL *residual income with our company. We are one of the f*astest growing, most successful teams *with our wickless candle company. We work together to help you build your business at the speed you are most comfortable with.


      *We understand your need to make the right decision for you and your family. *It's for these reason we put together a free, no obligation business information packet for you with the complete details. You will receive an immediate email and a catalog pack by regular mail to help you make your decision. I*t is about you and your family, what you need in your life, and not about us!
      You can visit my website at or e-mail me at