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    Google Website Ranking Help

    Freedom_Msg Newbie

      Can I have some suggestions of how to improve my google organic website ranking?
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          Chris.Black Newbie

          First, look at your competitions website that is in the top rankings to give yourself an idea of what you need.

          Writing electornic articles, posting in forums, and setting up and maintaining a blog for the business, and putting direct links to your website.

          Make sure your listed on search engines, most will have a register my site button.

          Make sure you use your keywords in the body of the page, 2-3 times each. Also, don't list too many keywords. A lot of companies are making keyword specific pages, So you would have one page for text message advertising, one for voice message advertising, etc.

          Chris Black
          Making Obstacles Manageable, Inc.

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            simon07 Wayfarer

            you maybe interested in this - Google was on this website answering questions. here's the link:

            Event: Search Marketing with Google
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              NatOnline Tracker
              Hello Freedom_Msg,

              You should find what you need on this thread:
              Website Feedback--SEO and Advertising Advice
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                My_Lan Adventurer
                You might want to look into a SEO(Search Engine Optimizer).
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                  SOHOguru Wayfarer

                  I took a quick look at your site:

                    • Pay more attention to your page titles
                    • Assign sequential header tags for each page in the source code
                    • Add your meta-data; meta tags are not in place (key words, descriptions)
                    • Research your key phrases. Example: do church officials really look up "message notification for churches" when looking for services like yours?
                    • I noticed your site is built on .NET - have your developer move the viewstate out - it is still resident in your source code at the beginning of the page code - too much code bloat

                  Those are a few things to get started with.


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                      BrassJmes Adventurer
                      Another advice is: have high ranking sites linking back to your site ("do follow links")
                      Write to webmasters and friends asking them to link to you
                      A simpler way to achieve this is creating online profiles in high ranking sites, and linking those to your websites.
                      For example. you could create a profile for youself. and/or add yourself to and (though they are more aimed at social networking rather than google results promoting, they would probably still do the job)

                      Good luck expanding your business, and hope my advice helped :-)

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                      Freedom_Msg Newbie
                      Thank you! All your advice is very helpful!
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                        vikassah Wayfarer
                        Improving your rank on Google involves a meticulous execution of several strategies. The strategies can be classfied as on-page (changes on your site) and off-page (outside your site):

                        1. Incorporate the keywords for which you are trying to rank on your web site (focus 2-3 keywords on any single page) Put the keywords in the html titles tag, in heading tags (h1...h6) on the page and also in the content copy
                        2. Move all javascript to individual files
                        3. Make sure your menu items or links to inner pages are in html and not javascript
                        4. Create a sitemap page and a sitemap.xml file (check on google on how to create and submit sitemap.xml)
                        1. Blog comments on relevant blogs with a link to your website
                        2. Get link exchange done with your domain sites
                        3. Submit to paid directories like, yahoo directory, v7n directory etc.
                        4. other link building strategies
                        Slowly your rankings will improve.

                        If you need professional help, do get in touch with us.

                        Vikas Sah