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    ACT 08 database question

    amspcs Ranger
      I'm having an issue with my ACT 08 database software I recently upgraded to. The normal easiest to use view
      of the activity commands such as file, edit, view, lookup, company, contacts, schedule, etc was always displayed horizontally at the top of the screen. Well, yesterday I must have touched or clicked on something inappropriately, because now these activity prompts (what do you call them, tool bar or navigation bar, whatever) are now showing vertically on the far left hand side of the screen. Very hard to work with, I actually have to tilt my head to read them. I've tried for hours to correct whatever it was I did, but no luck. Does anyone have any clue how to get my view back the way it was? I operate on Windows XP platform BTW.

      Thanks. Happy holidays to one and all.