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    Make Money Work For You!

    paid2spend Newbie
      My Name is Yvonne I have a home based business that I started 3 months ago. I get paid by paying my monthly bills. I have these services already why not get money back for paying these bills, cable, phone, internet, cell phone service...... There not company's you haven't heard of either Dish, verizon, Time Warner. Why not If your interested contact me I will make you part of my team and thats exactly what it is a Team we help each other grow and become successful.

      Contact me via e-mail I will set you up with all the information on my company.
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          Largine Newbie
          Can i know which type of work we will do?
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              paid2spend Newbie
              The Company is FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) It's Direct Marketing. Company's spend billions of dollars on advertisements and nobody watches commercials anymore majority have a type of DVR, or TiVo, this is why there are televisions being put at gas stations and the market checkstand to get the word out about their product. FHTM is a company that company's go to that have representatives that get people to use their services themselves, and what do you do when you like a product you tell a friend that's all, word of mouth is the best marketing tool out there. For example: How many times have you seen a movie, like it and told a friend to go see it? What if the studio that made the film sent you a check for you seeing the movie and your recommendation? This is the concept get paid for using products and services that you already are using, just now through your own company.
              We are always having seminars to show people that are interested in becoming part of FHTM we work as a team so you don't start your business and are left on your own, we work togehter to get you started and long after your going we are their to push each other towards even greater accomplishments. If you or someone you know is interested contact me via-email and I will send you information on attending a seminar. It is one hour out of your time to see how to make money work for you.


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              john_smith_go Wayfarer
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