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    How to Stop Spam?

    intechspecial Ranger

      So you open your inbox after beign away for a week, and their are 842 email in your inbox.

      40 are from people you know. 25 are business or job related. 95 are from things you signed up for on the internet by submitting your email address.

      The rest are from people or company's you do not know.

      What do you do if you leave for vacation for a week, and their is a pile of mail around your mail box and another pile at your front door? You contact your local post office.

      No one seems to know what to do with all the spam you receive in your inbox, we just delete it and forget it exists.

      For those of us agitated by this, there is a better way. If you receive an email for a product or service that you DID NOT sign up for, you can help the government catch the businesses that send unwanted spam.

      Spam sent by mass emailers and auto-senders that find email address on the internet are illegal.

      All you have to do is this: Forward the spam email to: You must be careful that it is not an email sent from a product or service you did sign up for, as the government could potentially ignore future emails you send. They investigate most emails they receive, and most company's keep evidence of your sign up.


      The very fact that I put this email on this website will help the government in their efforts.


      If you are tech savy you can take a screen shot of the internet header, or copy and paste the internet header in the email as well,


      By forwarding this email on occasion, in a few months the spam in your inbox will be drastically reduced, as a few businesses will have some complaints filed against them by the government.


      So on the other side of things, business owners it is not legal to send unsolicited email.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Thanks for the info. Since this is an international community, I'll add that it IS illegal in some countries for businesses to send unsolicited e-mails, but not the U.S. (which has what my state Attorney General calls the "Can Spam Law" because it pre-empted some of the consumer protection that state laws once provided).

          Thanks again for the helpful post.
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            I think i'll set up a filter to begin sending this BS to this address. I've tested these waters before by making a lure account, and using it on profiles to see if any scrape bots will take the bait. Sure enough, the flood cometh.

            Well now, i'm going to be using alot of my boxes as shill accounts to catch these idiots. I hate waiting on an email and getting nothing but garbage, makes me rage out at moments.