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    Have an appointment with SCORE today

    rieson Newbie
      I called my local SCORE office and made an appointment to meet with them this afternoon. I've heard mixed reviews from others about their experience, so I decided to share mine for anyone else looking to grow and enhance their own small business.

      The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was very nice and is teaming me up with someone he thinks will be of benefit to me and my business. He also mentioned that we may have to look at SCORE online for someone more familiar with my industry if they are not confident about their ability locally to help.

      My goal is to grow my home business from a part-time venture into a successful full-time business.

      So, I'll pack up my business plan and the financials I have from the first of this year & see what happens...
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Have an appointment with SCORE today, Welcome

          Thanks for sharing. SCORE is FREE and YES, SCORE can help you both in person and on line.

          Please let us know the results of your meeting.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              rieson Newbie
              I had a very good meeting with the counselor. He seemed surprised that I was so well prepared and actually had a detailed business plan.

              He had already done research into my industry (which impressed me) and he had loads of information copied and ready for me.

              I appreciate him asking some questions about my business that really makes me think about the market and if it is capable of producing the type of income in my area. We discussed marketing, pricing strategies and networking with professionals within the same industry.

              This counselor has a strong marketing background and he gave me information on writing techniques to produce brochures, newsletters and other communications to my customers. The techniques will grab potential customers attention and make them WANT to contact me. They have a library with tons of materials for all aspects of business that I can utilize at any time.

              We discussed financing and my possible options there. Although I knew going into it I would be extremely limited there and he may not be able to help in that area.

              I was a little disappointed in that he won't be able to review my business plan until after the 1st of the year, but I understand the holidays coming up and he has family too.

              I feel it was a great experience and he assured me they will work with me until I reach all of my goals.

              I will go back when he is finished with my business plan and then on to the next step.

              I highly recommend SCORE to anyone.