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    Looking for help and advice for a retail store!

    Robster613 Newbie
      Hello everybody,

      I am currently trying to open a retail music, movies, and game store in NJ. I have found an area that does not offer this product, the closest store is about 20 minutes from the town. I have also devised a few niches that can capture a part of the market that is not currently being captured.

      I have the backroom part down as I am currently a manager in this industry, but would honestly love to actually take my own place.

      I currently am making my way through the business plans, have already etablished the legality of the business, and also have obtained an EIN. I am currently acting on all of the licensing procedures.

      I have musician backing, including some artists on a major record label. I have polled the town in a discreet manner, to decide whether people would consider shopping there, and received an overwhelming yes response. I have the potential staff full, with people who also have worked in this industry.

      We will be gaining some of the cash needed for the business, through benefit concerts, currently being organized, and I also have a private investor, willing to put forward $20,000. Everything has a very solid feel to it, and is gaining an excitement from all involved, or waiting for the opening.

      I guess my question is, I am a college student, and my credit is not the best, as you would assume. Where can I look for the rest of the money I may need? Also I feel I am on the right track with the steps to opening, but, if I am missing something, please feel free to lend advice. I know advice is the path to success.