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    Pro Athlete Selling My HS Athlete Recruiting Website

    johnylew Newbie
      WWW.COLLEGEBOUNDPROSPECTS.COM is my website I am selling and is created of 7 sports that can hold an unlimited amount of kids. what the point is of the site is its self promotion for hs athletes. i play baseball so if i was in high school i would buy a baseball page on the website. when i (the hs athlete) buy a profile it is on the website in our database for one year and is viewable to all the college coaches on the website.

      what it basically does is give high school athletes a chance to show themselves to colleges all over the country over the computer. college coaches are allowed to sign up for free and love the idea that they can look at athletes all over the country from their computer for free. the profile includes all their information about them personally and sports info, with stats, references and goals along with a photo. what also makes this website better then most is this website also offers video for the kids to download them playing the sport which will really help the coaches get a good look at the kids.

      i travel with baseball and play all over the country which is why I'm trying to sell this website since i have no time to keep track of it and i am getting older and want to give baseball my all for the next few years before it is over.

      this website can make an unlimited amount of money it all depends on if you promote it right. its easy with the professional quotes that i have on the web-site to promote it and i will leave the quotes to whoever buys it. the only thing i will be taking down is the contact information which the buyer will put his and I will take out my name on the about us page but leave that it is run and created by all professionals.

      there are over 1 million hs athletes in this country for each of the 7 sports on the website. if you can get 1% of them to join the website and help them promote themselves to colleges you will make around $700,000 a year. this can be done less expensively through phone calls and mass email and fax.

      i paid for the website so that is all paid off. whoever i sell the web-site to will have to make a new contract with the web company (for free) just to say if you make any changes in the page you have to go through them. This website is corporated and i am the president and Ceo. I own all the stock and if you agree to buy it my lawyer will draw up a contract that for the $13,000 you are buying my company and will then own all the shares and have total ownership of the corporation.

      the only money out of your pocket to run this will be a monthly fee of i think $25 for the credit card services on the website for when the kids sign up. that also included the web space that you use.

      well if you have any questions please email me or if you are real interested i will give you my phone number and we can talk more.
      i have a few letters on the website now so whoever agrees on it first gets it and i will call my lawyer and get the contract ready.

      Hope to hear from you

      Jon Lewis