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    Accounting software program?

    FashionGal Wayfarer
      Can anyone recommend a good do it yourself accounting software program?
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          CleanFuels Newbie
          Its hard to go wrong with Quickbooks. It interfaces nicely into your B of A account and you can download all of your transactions automatically.
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            SCORE108 Wayfarer
            I have had good experiences with Quickbooks. The system is reliable and designed to keep you from making mistakes that will corupt your records. You will also find many people who have had experience with the system. As with any automated system if will be a great help if you have some knowledge of bookkeeping before you start using it. If you need help most accountants would be able to help you get started and then just be on call if you encounter problems.
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              SCORE86 Newbie
              There are a variety of excellent packages available. As suggested, QuickBooks is the market leader. Many people, however, do not need one with this many "bells and whistles." If your business is relatively simple and does not require inventory reporting, take a look at Quicken for Home and Business. You may find it to be more than adequate and it is relatively inexpensive. Microsoft Money also offers limited accounting for businesses. Many also offer trial versions that will permit you to get first hand knowledge without spending any money.
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                NetworkGuru Wayfarer
                I use the Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 Professional package for my business. I like how it integrates into all my Office programs. Templates for PO's, Invoices, etc are Word document. There are add-in's for ADP Payroll and Fixed Assets. Also, I get the Business Contact Manager for Outlook with it which allows me to view/transfer a lot of information between Outlook and the accounting software.

                When selecting a package to use, whether Quickbooks, Peachtree, MS Accounting 2007, you may want to download a trial of each and see which works best for you and your business. Sometimes, it just comes down to personal preferences.
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                  SCORE70 Newbie
                  If you do all of your own bookkeeping and accounting, I find Microsoft Office Accounting to be a very intuitive and user friendly program and less cumbersome than Quickbooks. But if you use an accountant, you will want to talk to him or her to be sure that whatever you use integrates well with the accounting programs they use.
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                    PC PHIXER Newbie

                    Well I know as its been said in the past ; Accounting software programs unless you are a exspearance program writer and make your own accounting software program, its probley best to use only accounting or taxes software programs that have or that show the signitature seal of approveal or thats guarrenteed 100% to be certifield to correctly do accounting or taxes information. Due to I think that it was last year that people had a hard time with their tax income returns because the type of program that people I guss were using at the time were not approved or certifield and people and businesses where getting into some serious trouble and were having to pay serious fines and fees.

                    So if it was me what I would do depending on your story or situtation without knowing all the terms; I have a Company that is a destrubiter of mine and if you want you can look online wasatch,or also advanced computer software. these are the best top of the line compaines that make all the applications, programs,or they will even let you creat your own if you have the mony.

                    Otherwise ; I would like I did hire a BookKeeper,for all of your accounting needs including your taxs and all of your business cash flow and income.
                    Its safe, your protected by the law,cant miss up,and you can easily keep track of all the income.
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                      ownerwannabe Newbie

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                        DomainDiva Ranger
                        I have my entire life in Quickbooks at the insistence of my accountant. Best advice I ever got. I can email all of my files to him at tax time and then they are emailed right back to me all balanced and wonderful. I can do payroll and have as well account ledgers so I can see how much I am putting back into my businesses and spending on groceries each month.
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                          fiirst Newbie
                          Am using which is pretty neat so far. There is transaction capped free version too. There is another thread on that on this site somewhere too.