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    Want to start a shopping cart for a home based business?

    bigchallenge Newbie
      I have had a website for 3 years, t-shirts and transfers. Not having much luck. Would like to add a shopping cart and do my own website this time. I have been paying a web designer up to now. Need good ideas on where to start on getting a good reliable software or whatever?
      Thanks if you can help.
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          amspcs Ranger
          X-Cart or X-Cart Lite.

          You'll also need an internet merchant account and a secure gateway provider in addition to your shopping cart.
          Pay particular attention to compatability between the three separate elements. Do _no_t be tempted by any integrated packages containing all three together, that's a trap.

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            SOHOguru Wayfarer
            I've developed with Zen Cart for a long time. It is a free software, but you'll need to find out what your server platform is (Unix, Windows?). Zen Cart is PHP based.

            Do you have FTP access and control of your website? Webmasters can configure carts for you, but they'll also have access to all of your merchant account information. Be sure to have confidentiality contracts and once the site is built, change your passwords.

            If you have basic HTML knowledge, you'd be able to set up Zen Cart yourself. I've been in ecommerce almost 12 years and Zen is the best I've worked with out of the box.

            It has a great user interface so you can quickly add products and assign any attributes (sizes of t-shirts, colors, styles, etc.) that can be assigned globally.

            It also handles banners, advertisements, specials, featured products, sale products, coupons, gift certificates and you can insert Google adsense code if you want to. And a lot more, there's just too much to mention.

            You'll need a merchant account. I've used several. Bank of America has one, but I've also used and Transaction Pro. I won't mention the first one I started out with in 1997. They charged me over $3000 for a 3.5 floppy disk. No kidding. Of course, that was when stuff was really new and we were all baby fish is a large pond.


            If you want to see an example - look at
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              wealthpro Wayfarer
              I used x-cart for one site and ecommerce for the other. They both were installed on my server. They worked good, but I had to hire people everytime that I wanted to do an upgrade or add a module. I have good knowledge of html, but there was too much of a learning curve for me to get confident at making changes to the cart scripts (not html).

              I finally switched to a hosted shopping cart and I absolutely love it. The one that I'm using is called 3dcart. I must admit that I had the company design a template for me, but I have been able to make many changes without a problem. It also has lots of bells and whistles.

              If you want to see me cart, go to: