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    Blog v guestbook

    knight58 Wayfarer
      I am trying to SEO my site and have read that a blog will help this effort. I am wondering if I can use a guestbook whereas, customers would be able to post comments, would serve the same purpose.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          This is only a small part of the answer to your question, but in comparing the two from my experience: You can create a blog just as quickly and easily for free. Blogs engines (such as WordPress) provide an architecture that is already optimized for search spiders. A blog gives you more control over beneficial keyword placement. A blog seems to facilitate more timely posting and more frequent updates. Like I said, not the whole answer, but some relevant considerations. Hope they helps. Best wishes.
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Does it have to be an either or?

              They serve different purposes and each bring value to your interactive presence beyond SEO. The blog is a chance to really build creditability and establish a real connection with your customers. The guest book can help to create community. The blog is going to be deeper but not everyone is going to want to be part of a blog and the guest book may be enough. I say build both and get the most exposure you can.

              I also hope this helps.
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              knight58 Wayfarer
              Thanks for the answers; they were both very informative. Ultimately what I am looking for are comments from past customers on their opinion of the gift they received and what they thought. I am hoping to implement this within my web site to give me and my site credibility and give the potential customer confidence that this is a great product.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                  That sounds like a guestbook function, for sure -- no argument here that it's something you should do. Relative to your original question regarding SEO, however, it won't impact your search rankings the way a well-written and regularly updated blog might.
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                      your_web_guy Adventurer

                      Agreed. While a blog will do more for seo than a guestbook will (mainly because more pages will be produced) the big difference between the two is that you have to update and add new content to a blog while a guestbook is more like a forum in that you technically only have to keep an eye on it to prevent spam.

                      all in all it comes down to the idea that you are going to get out of it what you put into it.

                      Blog = more work but better seo benefit.
                      guestbook = less work and less seo help
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                    jeaston1 Newbie


                    You have received wise council this far I would add the following input to the discussion. SEO (assuming you understand how this works with a blog) is but one of the benefits of blogging. Other benefits include:

                    • Attracting prospective customers to your business through engaging, educational content
                    • Hit prospective customers with multiple contacts by syndicating your blog through rss and email
                    • Automate distribution of new blog posts to readers through services like
                    • Position yourself as an industry expert and build credibility
                    • Drive business referrals as blog readers point others to your content
                    • Drive repeat visits to your site. People don't want to read your marketing copy but they do want to learn

                    I have never heard of a person saying, "did you see that company's guestbook? I just had to buy their product," but I have experienced and witnessed this phenomenon with a well written blog.

                    Now, simply having a blog will not make you sueccessful in reaching customers. You do have to post regularly (2-3 times per week is good), employ a few marketing tactics to attract viewers and subscribers, insert relevant keywords into the title and body of each post and be mindful of a number of other factors.

                    If writing regular content scares you, have a look at one of my blog posts on the topic and browse the blog to take in some of the tools we employ to engage our audience, .

                    Best Regards,

                    John Easton