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    Tax refund

    countrygarden Newbie
      Hi there i am hoping that i can get advice of somone.
      On july 18th i recieved a letter from the inland revenue stating that my tax refund was being sent to my accountant this equated to £2220.Up till know my accountant has said that due to the backlog in payouts the money was not in his account,I phoned the inland revenue up and they confirmed the money had been sent to my accountants bank account on the 21st july.On phoning the accountant he said that they were wrong and 1 department did not know what the other were doing.Is my accountant a thief and stole my money.The irs have told me 3 times the money was sent by bacs. Help please.
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          countrygarden Newbie
          thanks for all the what a comunity
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              You're welcome. Some of us may read your post but if we don't have the experience or knowledge to help, we remain silent.

              With the sheer number of posts sometimes it does take a little while for members to read and respond, especially those with more specialized experiences and skills. You have at least 180 reads. The organization you mention is apparently outside of the USA and most of us have very limited exposure outside of the USA.

              Hopefully, those who can help may chime in. Good luck.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              I sense a bit of sarcasm there.

              Personally, I didn't see your post as a request for advice, just the question as to whether or not your accountant is a thief. How would we know, and what if we said "yes, he is" (or "no, he isn't") -- or what if two different people responded, one each way? Would that really help?

              You profile has no information, and your mention of the "inland revenue service" only tells us that you're not in the U.S., but that you might be in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Jamaica, or any number of other countries -- so if anyone in those countries had a solution or advice, they still wouldn't know if it was relevant to you or not. Also since most active members of this community are in the U.S., you'll probably have to wait more than a day for someone who has insight into your specific situation to come across this post and respond.

              Good luck.
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                Elite1 Adventurer


                Since you are located outside the US, I cannot help you with your dilemma. However; if I were you, I would try to obtain written proof of the transaction. Then seek professional legal advice in your area. You will probably find more help there. Good luck!

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