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    Need Investor For Convenience Store

    dewayne3100 Newbie
      First I would like to thank you for reading this post. The following will show you the seriousness of my endeavor.

      I am looking For a Investor to buy a Convenience store. I have been in the Retail business for 10 years and helped my grandpa run his c-store business before we passed away.

      Our goal is to meet the daily shopping needs as a leader/operator of convenience stores. Our stores offer a broad selection of hot and cold beverages, snacks, fast food, tobacco products, gasoline, and other merchandise and services. And we have the right products and services for you and your car at convenient locations.

      We are looking to buy one store right now and need a investor to invest 150,000. to Buy are frist store. I have looked at two stores and have viewed there books.

      Here is a Layout Plan for Both stores I have looked at.

      #1. Business is located in one of prime location in Gastonia, NC. Neat & clean business location; Inside sales per month $36,000; Gas sales $20,000 per month; Additional income from Lottery & ATM machine; Rent $3,200 includes property tax; Ths would be Perfect for Us and the investor.

      1. 2. Very good convenience store for sale in Gastonia, NC, just 35 minutes from Charlotte, NC. Easy access, high visibility, lots of opportunity to grow business. Inside average business $30,000 per month, gas sale 28,000 gallons per month; Brand name Convenience Store; pay at the pump; Make an offer! Rent $2,500


      Our business plan can be sent for your viewing if you would like, by providing a email address or physical address to be U.S. mailed to you. Please though upon reviewing it that addresses and bank names etc. are not yet established and that all projections, and analyses are properly researched.


      I would love to get the ball running soon so if you are a investor and would like to be part of a growing business that keeping going when times are hard. Then Please email me or call. Please don't wait my time or your if you are not a investor or don't want to invest in a start up Business that will make money in its first year.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need Investor For Convenience Store, Welcome Dewayne

          Sounds interesting. Would like to read your business plan.

          Please email it to me at " " and then lets talk.

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            NoBullFunding Scout
            Hi Dewayne,

            For this type of business, you are going to have a tough time finding an investor for 2 main reasons:

            1) If they wanted to be in the convenience store business, an investor would just buy it themselves and hire a manager to run it instead of sharing the equity with you. I'm not doubting your competency as a manager, but an investor wouldn't see managing a c-store as a skill that is hard to find. They'd most likely just pay the manager hourly, and keep the profits for themselves instead of having the manager hold an equity stake.

            2) The c-store business is tough business. Low barriers to entry, low margins, high competition, and these risks double or triple if you aren't a successful franchise.

            If you want to buy a store, you're best bet is to save up some money and find a seller willing to hold a note. These types of businesses tend not to show profitability due to their cash element, so bank financing would be tough.

            Best of luck!
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              bigpayout Newbie
              Hi Dewayne,

              Interesting, why not hang onto your C-store instead of selling it for profit. If you are making good income, why not get more money to expand your business and have less headaches and let someone else manage it for you? I would love to see the store if you have not found an investor yet and see what options we can put together for better profit. If you are processing credit cards and been in business for 1 year, we can help.

              email me or call
              Raymont Jones
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                  IFocus Newbie
                  Hey BigPayOut,

                  He'd have to own a store before he can keep it to make the profits. Maybe you should ready the post a little better.

                  As for needing an investor. I agree that you're going to have a hard time finding an investor. First off your grammer sucks just like mine and a potential investor may look at your post and see all the errors and wonder if you'll make more critical mistakes running your business. Just a heads up....

                  BTW, I'm betting BigPayOut is a merchant services agent. Just a hunch...