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    Anyone doing online video advertising for thier business?

    Belmontdad Newbie
      I'm thinking about trying out a company called Anyone have any experience with them? Looks like they help you make a video ad, and they distribute it on some or all the tv, radio and newspaper sites(can be local or national). They told me they have free video production services and can distribute the video ad for as little as $250. Love to get some of your feedback if you've tried them or a similar service. Thanks!
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          jasonlai Wayfarer


          I have that idea too, but i think it too much for little guy like me.
          Check out my website Right now, It just images banner,I will do it for free of charge for any company have useful products, all i need just need donate only. I have plan to charge all banner to flash animation, If that website got some donate form some company i advertise for, i will change it to flash animation banner. i think it very kool ehhehe.


          If you want do video i have this idea for you. You can record advertise form tv and post to your website.With me do that way it not create advertise if i have time or got some donate now. i will charge it to flash animation it will look more kool.


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            Freedom_Msg Newbie

            It looks like a good service from the website. Let me know how it goes if you decide to use it.
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              NatOnline Tracker

              Why wasting some precious dollars when you can do the job? If is a basic online video you can do it yourself, if is a sophisticated video by a professional, I doubt that will cost only $250.
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                SOHOguru Wayfarer
                We have done our own video for free. Granted, online advertising isn't terribly expensive - but the larger sites charge more.

                That company must have bought a block of advertising and are rotating out all of the videos into one account. That's the only thing that makes sense.
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                  rouldph Newbie
                  Let me say something about this type of advertising I have a program that you can get
                  at little cost which you can be set up for a small cost to you and this program is easy to
                  work with.

                  you will be able to login in and create character scene and edit it the way you want it to
                  look and what you want it to say, you can record your own audio or upload the file or have one recorded
                  from a pro their is a lot you can do and we even have Bolt were you program it to answer question
                  when some one comes to your web site and type some question that you program it to do and it will give
                  them the answer to what they ask.

                  This program work good on my site.

                  You could take a look at my site to see one that I have runing now
                  if you would like to see it in action AT: and go to who is stiltechco LLC.

                  Take a look at it and see if this would be the type of video advertising that you are looking
                  and the cost for this is vary low.

                  If you want more information you can e-mail me and I can send you the information about it.

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                    scribesays Wayfarer
                    It sounds like a good idea, but I also agree that you could just create something yourself and promote it online. A friend of mine created this cute video about financial managers who face the drudgery of corporate financial reports and fear their bosses...They made it by themselves, without paying an outside vendor and are using simple promotion techniques:


                    Check it out--I'd love to hear what you guys think of this idea!
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                      FullAccessExp Adventurer
                      WOW! I love all great exchange of ideas. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this site. With that said, thank you to EVERYONE for all the great suggestions. I'll be checking out the links suggested.

                      Here's what I have to contribute:
             can offer you door-to-door flyer distribution plus one better. We have a cluster of DVD Rental Kiosk in lifestyle shops in the Central Florida area. We're able to offer you either static ads or multimedia on screen ads. Interested? Read on...


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                      It's fast, affordable, and best of all convenient. Consumers swipe their credit card to pay the $2.49 per night rental fee. The DVD can be returned to any DVD ToGo Kiosk. Renting a DVD has never been easier. Stop making special trips to big chain stores. Why wait for a DVD to come in the mail? DVD ToGo is always available whenever you want to watch a movie.DEMOGRAPHICThe convenience of DVD ToGo appeals to both males and females. Our consumers are primarily urban, 18-45, decision makers, own a credit card, and highly regard convenience and value. You'll enjoy a captive audience by advertising on our kiosks. We're able to offer you both static and multimedia ads. Additionally, we customize data capture opportunities to create hot, qualified leads. Coupon and/or flyer insert programs are also available. You'll be able to target specific demographics by inserting your sales collateral in traditionally 'guy movies' or 'chic flicks'.
                      DVD kiosk rental advertising opportunities!


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                        jrundell Wayfarer
                        Yes, Video and web 2.0 are the Wave right now. Email is like cassette decks boring people to the
                        point of ignoring even the most creative. If you get a easy to use FlipCamera from a Walmart etc. you can shoot the easiest of video and upload them easily to YouTube with the appropriate tags that will give you Massive exposure. Keep your video simple and from the hip. Make you title pertinant practical and interesting using tags that will get ranking and pull viewing. You can see an example at youtube if you search for "jmswealth" and look at the video post in the sponsored and generic links. If I can help write to me at

                        Two years ago, I started on a journey that was frustrating and scary. At the same time I met some wonderful people and have become a National leader in a couple of opportunities.Success is a concerted effort of education , support and sometimes just luck !

                        The most important thing to look for is Support. That is the key to anything about making money anywhere.
                        Who not only will show you the ropes but also, Empower you to become successful with the mentoring and coaching to do the things that are successful and lead you to the sources that work.

                        May I suggest you check out my portfolio page at but more importantly the latest buzz on the net , that is making educational material profits quickly for anyone to succeed.


                        Jim Rundell
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                          JoeReuth Newbie
                          You might also want to take a look at

                          With SpotRunner, you can micro-target your ad down to zipcodes and neighborhoods that you want to reach and avoid advertising across the city if you are really trying to target specific areas within a community. Advertising on cable television on a program your targeted audience watches and to the specific neighborhoods you want is very targeted and can deliver a very good ROI.

                          We advise our independent retail owners to target customers within a 3-5 mile radius of their store and to avoid city-wide advertising.

                          Not sure what your niche is, but for mine the more targeted the better.

                          Good luck!

                          Joe Reuth



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                            kenatra721 Newbie
                            I have had great success with simply creating my own videos and
                            promoting them for free on Youtube. With the volume of viewers there,
                            you can't help but increase your exposure. You can also advertise your online video ads for free if you know the proper online avenues out there. I use tons of cutting edge techniques that bring me lot's of traffic. I even have a team that I mentor where I teach duplication of my efforts. Feel free to contact me for a chat as I am happy to share. I can be reached on Skype or Yahoo IM with user name of kenatra721. Hope this helps you with your mission!

                            Ken Allan Phillips - National Networkers Association
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                              midilizard Newbie
                              As a music composer (Pepsi, NBC, MTV), I'm offering two web-based unique services that are affordable: web jingles and "almost custom".

                              Web Jingles are 4-10 second audio identities that you can play in your videos, PodCasts or website that really help brand your company or service (think tmobile or NBC).
                              Almost Custom is using music from my catalog and editing it to your video to make it look like it was scored. I can also create custom music of course.

                              Both are affordable and can make a major difference in the emotional impact to a visitor. Music is very important for capturing and retaining interest. Using just one example - consider Star Wars without the music.