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    Looking for a good funding solution

    iovthutiger Newbie
      I am very interested in starting up a deli and am looking for a good funding option. For those that have input please let me know what you think or lead me in the direction of success
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          fundingsource Newbie
          With start ups, credit is going to be the main factor--how is yours??? How much money do you need??

          you can email me at
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            iovthutiger Newbie
            My Credit is Excellent... From what I have read my best option is to get a loan or maybe even a line of credit. I am just in the beginning stages of this but I want to make sure I take all the appropriate steps
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              tqcouch Wayfarer
              Hello iovthutiger,

              Understanding that you are looking for a GOOD FUNDING OPTION.

              We expand and help start grow start-up and existing businesses.

              Through our cash advantage program, not only do we get business owners needed equipment for thier businesses ( petty, small or big) we also get them the needed capital that they are seeking.

              • We fund from $5,000 +
              • 660+ Fico


              If you are interested in our program and want to know more about services and funding process

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                Carlton_H Newbie
                Good Evening and how are you? I was here reading your post and i'm sure that i can help you in your situation. I am very familiar with start up businesses as well as very established businesses. Yes, it is true that your credit plays a very vital role in achieving funds and equipment for getting your business off the ground, and that is exactly what our team of professionals dedicate their time in doing. I would love to speak with you personally to learn more about your business and your situation as well as sharing my great news with you. I can be reached at 1-800-208-3610. ext 104, get funding in less than one week, guaranteed!
                Best Regards, Carl Hardy
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