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    Motivate, Reward, Give the Gift of choice.

    Tchougo Newbie
      It's December, that time of the year when you want to make a strong finish. Encourage your people ( employees, co-employees, supervisors, customers, family members, and so on...) with gift that won't cost you an arm and a leg(litterally). I have available an impressive collection of gift that will have a TRIPLE reaction effect on them. Here is a typical scenario, you give them a special Gift that you've purchased ( for an UNDISCLOSED amount of money, that's right no dollar amount marked on the gift card, it's genius I know) from my online giftshop, and
      Reaction #1 : They receive the gift, thank you and think kindly of you.
      Reaction #2 : They redeem the gift from our online store, there is joy and they think kindly of you.
      Reaction #3 : They receive the gift via ups or usps, there might be tears of joy, and they think greatly of you.
      That's a lasting impression folks. Please email me at for more info. Gift starting as low as $25.