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    Universal family of companies

    starzdon Newbie
      Can anyone offer information on a group of companies head office in San Francisco? There are a number of companies in this group including a lending corporation, airlines, media and entertainment.

      Is this company well known?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          There are more than 2,000 companies located there with "Universal" in their name -- you'll probably have to provide some more information.
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            Ehnonymous Newbie
            I have just gone through a tortuous month of negotiations with Universal. You can find them at Along with Paul Cleveland, there is a Donald Hestor and Roberto Webster. They are using Ace Goldsby to generate leads. Mr. Goldsbty is former President of the Jaycees International.

            The company provided a written commitment of private equity (in excess of $150MM) to a venture, and requested a total of $17,000 of retainers to support llegal and insurance work. There is absolutely nothing to support this is a real organization. They refuse to provide backgrounds on the principals, references, or information on their financial capbilities, other than old financial statements from an defunct airline out of Guyana. They do not want to meet us until after we signed the commitment and wired the retainer to their attorney in New York.

            Run as fast as you can...
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              chris1234 Newbie
              PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!

              They're a fraudulent Group. My group fell for their scheme. At first everything seemed normal, but then they lead you with "Letter of Commitments" And then ask for wire transfers, threatening if you don't pay within two days, the whole deal is off. We wired transfered 8,000 dollars and ran our lawyer fees up to $10,000. Once the money was transfered, they began asking for more money, remarking they needed money for they're lawyers and administrative criteria. We continually asked to put the money in escrow, and they would not allow it. They were constantly postponing the closing date, so we began to wonder if they were legitimate. We asked for references or companies that they funded already and they replied very inappropriately insulting us in every which way.

              DONT BE FOOLED!!!! Donald Hester and Paul Cleveland are the SAME PERSON!!! Through our phone systems, you have to announce your name. My partner, Ace, and I were already on the call waiting for Mr Hester to phone in. When he called in he announced, "Paul Cleveland.... Oh.... I mean.... Mr. Hester.."

              I hired a private investigator on both parties and Ace Goldsby has felonies against his name.

              We are pursuing small claims and criminal claims against both parties.

              PLEASE. If you've been victimized by these groups, file a criminal case- It's free and easier than it appears.

              Feel free to reply to my post if you need guidance or would like to know the full story.