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    Credit Line

    TerraGeo Newbie

      After 25 years in the geopphysical industry (oil and gas exploration) 1 year ago I started a new company Terra Geoscience to focus on providing services to Latin America, in particular Mexico. Recently I received a 3 year contract with a subsidary of Pemex (Mexico's national oil company). The value of the contract is $1.5 - 2.5 million /year and the contract begins in Jan. 09. Since it may take 3-6 months until I actually receive revenue from Pemex due to project completion time I need a line $500,000 line of credit. Any suggestions? At this point I do not want to provide equity in the company unless that is absolutely necessary.
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          lfreeman Newbie
          Please email me I am a private investor and may have some solutions for you.

          Thank you
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              TerraGeo Newbie

              LFreeman - I sent you an e-mail from Michael Dunn. Let me know if you received it or if you have any questions.

              Best regards,
              Michael Dunn
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                WandryEstate Newbie
                I live in central Florida. I own a 9000sq. ft. mansion that I just got approved to be used for a bed and breakfast with "special events"....This means that I can host large parties.The home and property is a Local Historic Landmark I am looking to find a investor for this business. I have substantial equity in the property and only one morgage for 500K. I need to put 250K into the house and grounds to realy put this property over the top. Then it will be worth 1.5. I have a solid business plan that shows how this company will generate six figures and I have already taken reservations for events. I have just recently received these important permits and am ready now to put the money to this project. The six counties that are immediately adjacent to mine host a wedding business of 40 million dollars......and there is no were you can rent a huge mansion to host your party except this one.....
                If this interests you, then give me a call (352)250-3555. Thank You,
                Ben Winkler
                Inn Keeper
                Wandry Grove & Gardens
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                Carlton_H Newbie
                Terra I would love to hear a lot more about your business. I would also like to ask you a few questions in regards to your situation. I do feel as though I can help you. Please contact me 1-800-208-3610. Ext 104 or by email at
                kind Regards, Carl Hardy
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                  loan guy Wayfarer




                  Private money is your best option.