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    I'm ready for an investor

    Ribosi Newbie
      I've been running my business for around 6 years now, going from freelance to DBA to actually incorporating a couple years ago.

      Please have a look at

      The first generation is largely standard hardware running proprietary software. I plan for the second generation to be completely proprietary and am rolling out a home version as well - hopefully later this year, but no target date has been set yet. Obviously, nobody outside of the company will ever see the back end system behind this - and I'm so scared of Microsoft that I'm not even offering demos of the client systems until the release date (except some fake screen shots, perhaps).

      Because of the HUGE changes being made to the business, such as rolling out a slew of new services and turning from a 3 person software development/Linux system/computer repair shop into something that justifies a corporation, I'm currently seeking investors. I haven't had time to really write a complete business plan as I've been too busy working on the final product and seeking funding, but I can give you the substantial portion I do have, in addition to a much more complete description, in exchange for an NDA.

      I plan to open a new store in Harrisonburg, VA in January and 7 more throughout Virginia in March. I've also been setting up to allow retail franchises with a $75,000 franchise fee.

      Any helpful advice is appreciated - and don't say SCORE, I don't have time for them.

      Any interested parties may email me at - willing to negotiate with 49% of the company for the right price.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I'm ready for an investor

          "Any helpful advice is appreciated - and don't say SCORE, I don't have time for them."

          WOW, Your loss
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            So you basically provide all the services, and pretty well have the 'cloud' covered. Have you considered alliances with other 'cloud web app products' as well?

            You need to sit down and make the time to write a business plan. You will be amazed at how your business plans (no pun) will look on paper compared to what you are doing.
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              Ribosi Newbie
              LUCKIEST, SCORE is there, in my experience, to help you write a business plan. I
              have that. Tell me some other resource, any other resource, I could get
              from SCORE? They helped me not one bit while I was growing the business
              up from nothing. I also notice you seem to post on just about every thread here talking about the very same thing. Tell you what I could have used in the beginning: Someone to give me a single sheet of paper that had, in plain english, the license, insurance, city, state and federal requirements for operating the business - including handling taxes. How about SCORE try to supply something like that in the future? I already knew "my" business, that's why I was doing it and all those guys ever said to me was "So, what do you need us for?".

              I do have a quite coherent business plan, just not one I would call complete. I'm also prone to read technical manuals like novels, so "complete" may mean something different to everyone. I certainly have enough for someone to be able to tell what's going on, but it's not complete to me until it spells out EVERYTHING - and with sales, invoicing, testing hardware and software configurations, writing code and managing projects, there just aren't enough hours in the day (which is one reason I need investors).

              I will say this too though: Having as much as I do have (which I add to whenever I find the time) has indeed immensely helped my businesss, I'm simply past that point now.

              DomainDiva, do you mean like Citrix or something more like Norton Enterprise Suite? I am working on alliances with cloud providers, but haven't even thought to talk to anyone else about running their software on our systems. Citrix will run with no problems regardless and Norton is useless anyway. We're also a development company first, so what would really be the point in giving away what should be our work? Or did I completely misunderstand you?

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                lfreeman Newbie
                I may be able to help you. I am a private investor. I am able to provide financing that traditional sourcse can't or won't do. I would like to open a dialgoue with you. Could you please send an email to me with your contact info.

                Thank you
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