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    SURVIVAL PASS 10%-15% off

    CantrellProf Newbie

      Like most small businesses these days, we are all trying to survive during the current economic struggles. We want to help others survive these hard times too. In saying that . . . . . . .


      Cantrell Professional Janitorial is offering 10% to 15% off of your current commercial cleaning cost.



      Example of Savings:


      monthly janitorial cost $2,500.00


      discount 250.00 ANNUAL SAVINGS $3,000 to add back to your bottomline



      new cost $2,150.00


      *Estimated $9,000 annual savings on $5,000/mo service cost


      If you would like to talk to us, please call 770-931-3868 or email
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          SURVIVAL PASS 10%-15% off, Welcome

          Sounds good for people in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

          How long have you been in business??

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              CantrellProf Newbie
              I have been in business about 20 years. My husband got very ill in the mid 90's and I let a lot of my contracts go. We have been working smaller contracts since then. My husband oversaw the operation and when he fell ill it was difficult to keep things going full force. He is much better now, the kids are grown and are part of the business. We are getting back in full swing and hope to increase business.
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              Ritchyman Newbie
              Good Afternoon
              My wife and I have a small housecleaning business and we are thinking about going into commercial cleaning. We are trying to find out the going rates for commercial cleaning so we can be in line. Would you be so kind as to share your experience in pricing these types of jobs. You can reach me at

              Thanks so much
              Ritch Lewis