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    How about outsourcing

    Howard666 Newbie
      You may want to consider being a broker to your existing book of business while you look to secure funding, you will find that the funding you need could very well come out of a few secured projects you can outsource and still enjoy a good profit margin. I can assist you are you sheet fed? etc. I have robust existing relationships with many print partners. Perhaps I can help you get some business on an off press in this day and age of digital file transfer its very easy to get print for pay done and shipped to your clients in a short timeline. If you have any further interest please contact me at my email I have enjoyed my first 14 months as a broker, we are looking to gross about 125,000 in sales this year, margin running about 35% net. Casflow is always a challenge, in this economy all you can count on is your ability to sell through it. Best of luck, to me this looks like a hugh opportunity to generate revenue quickly from your loyal clients.

      Digital Highway Inc.