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    Looking for a small loan or mini investor...

    MadeByMAS Newbie
      First off this seems like a great site and I dont know why I was so late finding it because Im all over the web...

      So heres my situation I started a small clothing line when I was 15 and that was my first business venture. I learned a lot about the industry and when I grew out of that brand and style I decided to focus on the service side of the business. I am now 20 and since then I have been designing, consulting, and printing for different brands in the apparel industry. I also run a site/blog talking about the industry.
      Last year me and my partner in the print shop I started decided to merge shops with 2 other guys we met which allowed us to upgrade equipment, have more hands working, and what we thought would change our business big time...Well it did change the business but not for the better, a couple months ago I had to get out because it was not working for me.
      I sold all my equipment when we merged so now I basically have nothing but a list of clients I have been working with for a good time now but no services I can offer them. I am now restarting my shop in a new location (I already have the shop secure) but I am lacking the funds to get the new equipment. I am trying to figure out a way to get around $5,000 together to buy a new press so I can continue working with the loyal clients I have gained over the years.
      All my close clients know that I am in the process of moving shops but if I can not come up with the funds soon then I will start to loose everything I have worked for up to this point.

      So if anyone has any advice for me or the best way to get the funding needed I would appreciate it very much.

      Thanks in advance!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for a small loan or mini investor, Welcome

          Sounds interesting. A few questions.

          How long do you need the funds for??
          Have you prepared a Business Plan or Cash Flow Report that I can see??
          Do you have an Accountant?? A Lawyer??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Howard666 Newbie
            I can help, I am a print broker out of California, If you have an existing book of business and all you need is 5k. We should talk, contact me at I have outsourced printing and copy work for my clients now as a start up for 14 months. I started on a shoe string no outside funding no cash, no job just my client book of business and the ability to make it happen for my clients, I will finish my year gross sales about 125k net margin working from a home office and 100% outsourcing of all clients print for pay projects have provided a net margin of around 35%. I have yet to take on any debt or loans, cashflow is always a big challenge, chasing A/R etc. You can set up terms with your clients like I do 50% up and bal on delivery and or net 15 - net 30. I am here to help. I have been looking for someone as part of my business plan to join me and my vision for a sucessful 2009.

            Digital Highway Inc.
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              I'm assuming that you are not in a position to tap credit or have collateral available and if that is the case here is something you might want to consider:

              From a practical standpoint, $5,000 is not a lot of money. If you have a number of established client's and good relationships with them, then you may want to discuss them providing you the capital needed for your equipment. As an example: If you have 10 clients that have some loyalty to you (and your services/products) then what I would do is to approach them with a proposition to invest in you and in return you will discount their purchases from you for a defined quantity and/or term so that they get their money back plus a return on their investment. If all 10 poney up about $500 each, then you'll have the $5,000 you need.

              Just a thought, and alternative way of coming up with some funding, that you might want to pursue.

              I hope the above helps or gives you some ideas. Good luck with your business.

              Dennis Lowery
              Adducent, Inc.
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                  MadeByMAS Newbie
                  Adducent I have thought of that because I could possibly do it that way by doing pre sales of sorts but honeslty I do not want to have to rely on my clients or even really let them know the whole situation because as of now I know my stuff in the industry and they work with me because of that. I may loose some of the clients just by them knowing Im not fully setup anymore.

                  As far as credit I am still paying off some of the first shop (about 3-4k) and do not want to add more to credit cards being I will be making personal financial moves in the near future.

                  *Howard I will email you very soon and we can talk and possibly work something out.

                  Thanks for the input guys!
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                  Howard666 Newbie
                  I am looking forward to your email, I will give you my cell info so we can talk realtime, I have some questions for you, I am sure we can figure out how to generate the revenue you need. I have helped out other companies like yours in a similar situation but 3 - 4k in debt load is nothing. I assisted a commercial print shop owner with over 200k in debt paddle out of debt while increasing sales within the existing client book of business. He was able to pay off all his debit as well move into a positive cashflow situation with acceptable profit margins for the industry standard.

                  Talk soon