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    Need Help Obtaining Lines of Credit

    martinebm Newbie
      To whom it may concern, I am the owner of Martin Paralegal Services LLC,, I am a Pro Se Litigants Paralegal Services Provider for those consumers who represent themselves in court. I have invested $15,000 of my own money into my new business. My business will open up its doors for business on January 5, 2009. I was married for 15years and took a serious hit on my credit due to my divorce, this is why I invested my own money into my business. I am wondering if anyone out there can guide me into obtaining a line of credit between $10,000 to $15,000. I need the additional capital for Advertising and Marketing. My business will turn a profit the first month and every month there after, because I have no overhead, no inventory and no cost for sales. I have been a certified paralegal for 24years and have helped family and friends over the years file there paperwork in court on non-contested court cases. I have a professional resume and solid business plan for your viewing. If anyone can help me I would truly appreciate it, I am having a difficult time with banks right now and like I said even though I have invested my own $15,000 dollars banks are not too kind to those of us with bad credit. My credit prior to my divorce was 800 it is now around 610, but I will not give up because I have a solid business and I will become very successful. Thank you for your time and your considerations. Efrem B. Martin, Owner Martin Paralegal Services LLC