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    delivery of items purchased online

    feizal Newbie
      I am planning to start an online retail business selling items of different categories. At the beginning my main customers will be the local residents. My question is, how will I proceed with delivery of the items all over the island so that the transport cost does not affect my profits? Should I delegate this to somebody else ? Should i charge customers living far from me for the transport cost?Please help me
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Delivery of items purchased online, Welcome

          WHAT ISLAND??, Who are you?? Where are you??

          How soon do you plan on starting this retail business??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            TopSavingsNet Wayfarer
            In many cases, customers do in fact pay shipping and handling for products. I might state however that this is in the United States where customers do this. I am not sure the business customs that Indian customers are accustomed to. If you don't know either, which it seems apparent, I suggest you research your local competition or nearest competition to see how they are currently processing orders. This can sometimes be done by doing a checkout and seeing what terms and conditions will apply for the purchase.
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              intechspecial Ranger
              If I might ask a question of you.

              It seems you are trying to approach a local market with a tool that allows you a world-wide reach.

              Have you thought about focusing your efforts on a global level, or a specific country?

              Just a thought.

              Welcome to the community, and please keep us updated.

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                  feizal Newbie
                  You are partly right. I am focusing on the local market to begin with as my capital is limited and also once I acquire more experience I will do it on a gobal level which is my objective.
                  I am forced to do it as I am new in this business and also Mauritius is quite far from USA and European countries. So I guess my prices may not be competitive as the shipping cost may be quite high.