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    free website for new startups

    BumbleBee Wayfarer
      If you need a web boost and have no cash, here is a great opportunity. I am offering 3 months free website hosting for an e-commerce type website. Essentially I will give you a working website with shopping cart and all the tools you need to promote your business, no fees no cost to you at all.

      You will be testing a new software system that is unproven. I need about 50 websites on the new system so I can work out bugs and correct any glitches before offering the service to my paying clients. I can't offer the service as a paid service until I work it over and am 100% sure of all the functions.

      The new system uses the exact same tools as our hosting platform but employs advanced network functions and different backup features that you don't see.

      If you want to stay on after the 3 months you can just pay the $10 a month that the regular customers are paying.

      If you are looking to get started or just learn what it takes to manage an e-commerce store here is your chance. You get an upscale website with no investment, no risk and great support.

      Just go to and call us. You need to specify you want this offer. I will keep the offer open until December 31 2008. I need to have the system at 100% by January 2009.

      You can try our demo and see how the system works. Your website will work the same way.
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          Smartypotty Adventurer



          I would be interested in viewing your work. Thank you


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            WarrenD Adventurer
            Tell me more I'm interested.

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              Hillgirl Newbie
              Hi BumbleBee,

              I was just on the phone with a webhosting company a few minutes ago....I have a few questions if you don't mind please...
              1, what is the name of your company and does your offer come with free domain name or I need to have gotten one before coming to you
              2, How much will it cost annually to host a full package that will have the following...
              3, How much disk space, e-mailboxes, FTP A/Cs, GB monthly data transfer does it come with
              4, Do I get an SSL certificates, Yahoo & Google onlime marketing as in SEM and SEO, and will your website design template work else where if I decide to move....
              5, What is your customer support like as in will it be 24//7 and will your uptime reliability be at least 99.9%
              6, You said go to and try your that your company's site or a sister company...
              7, Finally I know you said it is e-commerce type with a shoping cart and all....will all those continue even after the three months and like you said for just $10.00 a month.

              I have a business that I really need to build a website for like yesterday and would not mind going with you hence my asking all these questions, hope you don't mind...