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    Deeply affected by Recession

      I am a Licensed Electrical Contractor, I am having difficulty obtaining customer at this time. Most of my customers are referrals from my customers.
      For the fast few months no one is calling me. Now I have no means to advertise, all my personal Credit cards are all maxed-out. Can you help me? Is there any help from Government?
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          intechspecial Ranger
          First, welcome to the community.

          I cannot say that I can offer you extensive support or a viable solution to your current problem.

          I do know that there are some members of this community that might be able to help you at a higher level, as well as you might want to look into contacting a local SCORE or Small Business Administration office. They offer business consults for free.

          Seeing that my knowledge of your industry is null compared to your experience, I can only offer you support in the are I have some abilities in.

          Alot of small business owners are struggling in this way, and I feel one of the things we must do to overcome the current economy is to ban together and not try and cut each others throat.

          That being said, I offer volunteer services from time to time in the area of web development. I do not know if this can or would help you, but I would be more the happy to try and help you on a volunteer level if you feel this would help your efforts.

          Finally, your best bet would be to contact either your local SCORE or your local SBA office.

          There is a gentleman on this forum that is connected with score, his name is LUCKIEST, he might be able to help you better via this community if needed.

          Good luck, and hang in there.
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            NoBullFunding Scout
            Have you considered perhaps working for someone else until things pick up?