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    PPC vs. PPC Online

    TopSavingsNet Wayfarer
      Hello everyone. I have a bold statement to make that is probably going to stir up some controversy or make crickets sing their hearts out. Either way I have to say it. I think PPC beats PPC online anytime. Confused? You should be.

      You see, there are now two PPCs in the online marketing community. Pay Per Click marketing and Pay Per Call marketing. Both are used online and both are now being implemented in a contextual search ad type format.

      Now, let's get one thing set straight first and foremost. I want to make certain you know that I know Google is the largest provider of search traffic period. Google wins there, there is no argument. AdWords pay per click however may have an issue when confronted with the newer online pay per call advertising in terms of QUALITY.

      There are some hefty local directories that hold some weight when it comes to consumer/business use. Let me just mention some traffic networks displaying contextual pay per call advertising available right now: AOL Yellow Pages, Switchboard, Magic Yellow (Online Yellow Pages), InfoSpace, MSN Mobile, AOL Mobile, MapQuest, 1800Free411, 1-800-411-Save, and more.

      Back to my QUALITY issue. It is my firm belief from experience that an inbound phone lead can convert much better and retain a longer customer relationship than any pay per click campaign. With pay per click a potential customer relationship can dissolve immediately without ever having made contact with them. Browsing pages is a favorite for the Internet user, and regardless of landing pages the reality always exists that they will look for the sake of looking.

      When a potential customer however goes through a process of calling a phone number, the interaction between your agency and the customer is real. They are not just clicking an ad out of curiosity, they are making a phone call for real information on real products with a real intent on a purchase. I consider pay per click more a place for tire kickers. Of course, they all aren't, but you know as well as I do that the majority are. Why else do you not ever hear of realistic conversion forecasts of 65% and up? You see?

      Unlike a landing page, your sales staff have the ability to form a relationship based off of your customers needs and cater to their individual desires on a case by case basis with a phone sales call that is inbound. Do I need to say more? I think you understand what I am saying.

      I wouldn't dump a profitable pay per click campaign, nor dump a campaign that needs improvement, after all, Google still has the majority of Internet traffic. All avenues for increasing revenue should always be addressed, but I think pay per call should be an addition to a company's marketing arsenal.

      What do you think? What might be a con to this advertising method? Any additional pros?

      Take care everyone!