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    Do it yourself eCommerce software for a "web newbie"?

    WhiteBrow Wayfarer

      Can anyone recommend a good software program that would allow me to easily build and maintain a very simple website? By the way, I am a newbie to website design - so this program would need to be very straightforward. I don't need any fancy stuff like flash, etc. - I just want to get a basic website up quickly and easily.
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          CrashB Newbie
          As the AKGOld mentioned there are a lot of good packages to build a website. The most common and an industry favorite is Dreamweaver from Macromedia. It is very good but also pretty expensive. Homesite is a cheaper version in Macromedia Suite of products. If you just want a couple of pages (no commerce) then either one of these two will do.

          If you do want commerce go with a package deal from Yahoo or PayPal - good customization, and much fast and less expensive.
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            plazad Newbie

            Hi Whitebrow,


            Why Do It Yourself?. You can have an inexpensive, professional eCommerce site up and running in no time without all the headaches involved. My company provides affordable web solutions and IT Support services to small and medium sized enterprises. Contact me for a free detailed consultation.


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              bdesq1 Wayfarer
              I suggest having a look at ( ). Easy to use, low prices and great support.
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                SEO-Expert Wayfarer
                We use it was best suited for our needs. You need to select the cart that suits your buget, provides all the features that you need in your shopping cart and is tested by many other companies.

                Following is the list of shopping carts softwares/solutions which you can use.


                - 1ShoppingCart


                - Actinic


                - AmeriCommerce


                - AspDotNetStoreFront


                - GoEMerchant


                - Goecart


                - InstanteStore


                - Miva Merchant


                - MonsterCommerce


                - Nexternal


                - OSCommerce


                - PayPal


                - PDG


                - ProStores


                - Shop Factory


                - ShopSite


                - Storefront.Net


                - X-Cart Gold


                - Volusion


                - Yahoo


                - ZenCart


                - Zoovy

                Aviod company which charges you % of the transaction amount in addition to the monthly charges. This covers the most of shopping cart providers. I hope this helps you.

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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  The main problem with shooping cart softwares, most of them are not SEO friendly.
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                    IOJOE1 Newbie
                    Hello WhiteBrow,

                    Web site management and technologies are changing and more focus is on the 'content' - what you actually say and offer on your web site. This is really the core element and what the users of your site will read - which may make or break a new client. You can get a professional web design from sites like easily and cost effective. But the 'real deal' is the continued management of Products, Services, News, Events, FAQ's, Gallerys, Calendars, etc. and much more that appear on web sites relative to their business model. That's the kicker that most
                    web newbies and even more experienced newbies sometime overlook - continued site maintanence. A 'stale' site is a bad site and outdated
                    information is not a good thing which may lose business.

                    You should visit They connect professional templates from sites like above to a simple to use Content Manager that
                    lets you manage your site (and anyone you allow) from any computer, anywhere - that has only a fast Internet Connection.

                    Plus the tools comes with a complete Office Mgt System for Web Email, Contact Management, Calendars/Appointments/Scheduling, Tasks, Files,
                    CRM (Fancy name for managing notes per contact) and much, much more.

                    You just login and go and can not only manage your web site but access your business information - from anywhere in the world!

                    If you primary goals is to get a site up and running quickly, look professional and control costs - then this is a great option!

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                      easyfreewebde Wayfarer

                      First I think it is important to establish your website, then immediatley after that open Ebay, Amazon and other accounts.

                      We can help take the ehadache out of trying to figure out how to build and design your store. We offer a FREE design services for business. We will build and design your website for FREE. Please see us at Your site will have a very easy to use backend admin panl that will allow you to easily add/edit products, customers, orders and much more. We offer the free design for business's only, and you must agree to host the website on our server. Hosting is only $19 per month and with that comes unlimited webmaster support.

                      Please visit our site our call me with any questions.

                      Thank you,
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                        intechspecial Ranger
                        I suggest setting up an hosting account with and trying out some of the web applications and web tools they offer. You do not need to know how to program or any of today's standards to utilize alot of these tools.

                        They have plenty of options for ecommerce.

                        Also, offers a much easier to use interface for there web application ecommerce offerings.

                        Good luck.

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                          solushunz Wayfarer
                          I am not sure what your budget requirements are, one route is to look at various companies that would do your hosting and design for a nominal fee monthly. This to me would be a safer option for a newbie and would provide the comfort of full online technical support that you would need.
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                            e_europe Wayfarer
                            You can check these guys -I think they have evrything you might need+ its no brainer -its already pre designed and ready for imidiate use .
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                              JessyMeyer Newbie
                              Hi WhiteBrow,

                              i would recommend osCommerce. It is a open source eCommerce application with all AddOn's you need. It just need the basic server environment and no big licenzes. Just for the Design and Setup i would recommend to talk with someone who have experience in setting up this eCommerce software and include the design templates. Its quiet easy, but without experience, it could be difficult.

                              Best regards
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                                ProtectMe Newbie
                                I use the hosting site. When I was looking to setup a website I did a search for the best website hosting company. was voted number 1 by Website Builder magazine in the year that I was looking for a hosting site which was 20007. It cost me $19.95/mn and as a Novice to the industry, I have been very satisfied with their service. Take a look at the website I built with CityMax at I think I did okay with the help of CityMax considering I knew nothing about designing a website when I started.

                                Remy Lorenz
                                Managing Director
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                                  easyfreewebde Wayfarer

                                  Hi- At , htt:// we offer FREE website design for business owners. We also, offer over 4500 free templates, and a free easy to use site builder.

                                  You have many options, all of the above include store integration. The fastest and easiest way would be to allow us to build your new website for free!


                                  Check us out at