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    Documentation of Technology Advances

    intechspecial Ranger
      I was sent this video from a well respected IT associate.

      You really get a clearer picture of where we were with technology a decade ago, and you might be able to get an understanding of where we are headed.

      Please do not laugh to hard, this will be YOU in 10 years!
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          golfheaven Adventurer
          Very funny and so true but 3-4 years probably more like it.
          Mike I left you a phone message a few days ago wondering if you got it.
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            TopSavingsNet Wayfarer
            I was actually clenching my teeth watching this, I had to grow up using this technology. Almost didn't laugh. Just turned 34, obviously I'm getting old ha ha ha. (I hate using lol)
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                intechspecial Ranger
                TopSavingsNet -

                Believe it or not, you actually have a few years on me, as I am 38.

                A note of interest: I was about 20 years old and I was at a late night diner, having coffee with some friends. It was 1990 or 1991.

                It is about 4:30 in the morning, the bar crowd had left, and the morning regulars had not yet came in for breakfest. It was not unlikely to see an occasional "person of interest" walk in the diner at this time.

                Casually, in walks a man in his 50's carrying a car battery. It looked more like a battery for a military special ops vehicle, as he practically had to drag it across the floor due to the weight and size.

                He sat across from our table in a booth. I could not resist, so I said: "did your car battery go dead, do you need a jump?". He did not say much, as he seemed preoccupied. He sat a small gym bag next to him, and pulled out what looked like to be some type of 1950 low budget movie's prop for a communication device.

                Again I asked him, a little louder, and a little faster: "Looks like your car battery went dead, can I help you with a jump". He acknowledged my question by looking at me and continued on with what he was doing, and he then connected the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the "communication device".

                Frustrated and agitated my curiosity got the best of me, so I announced loudly: "I think this guy has a bomb, someone call the bomb squad". The room laughed knowing I was only joking(terrorism was not nearly the concern it is today in the 80's and early 90's), as I was a well liked regular late nighter. He again then said to me abruptedly: "give me a minute", and continued on with his configuration of the battery communication device and wiring.

                He seemed like he was almost done, so I asked him: "What is that a chordless phone?"

                He did a few more adjustments to the car battery, wiring, and Titanic-Sized phone and said. Yes it basically is. He then went into this huge explanation of what it's purpose was, using these sci-fi technological definitions, and explaining the schematics. After his 15 minute presentation, the restaruant went silent.

                The man looked like a bum, or an out of work and homeless scientist. My gang of friends sat their quitely, still in awe or lack of understanding of what we were looking at. Suddenly one of the ladies that was with us started to snicker, quietly. The rest of the table broke out into a roar of laughter. When someone would stop laughing, someone at the table would make a snide remark under their breath and the entire table would break into a roar again.

                I turned to look at our newly aquired friend(anyone was welcome to join our gang, we were not biased), and all that was left was an empty booth, a coffee cup, three empty creamers, and a few bucks.

                Weeks and weeks after that, every time someone who looked a little different would walk into the restaraunt, someone at our table(or tables) would make a snide remark like, something to the affect "dude, you got a battery for my telephone?" We would bust out laughing thinking back to that man that was their breifly just a short period of time before.

                I learned one thing from that day, and I learned it 10 years later.

                I learned that the world really is flat, and no matter how hard society will believe only what they see in front of them, their is more to our world then just what we know and see.

                Beam me up Scotty(Star Trek)..........

                is really not that far away.