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    Advertising Your Brick and Mortar Business Online for Free

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      Advertising your brick and mortar business online without a website is a concept I believe many business owners do not understand as of yet. With all the talk about pay per clicks and SEO for advertising and marketing advice, I have decided to give you non-online businesses a treat for once. I want to share with you a simple free (money, not time) method. Now I'll cut to the chase, time is valuable. Enjoy!

      Free Article Marketing

      You might have heard about it already, but for in case you haven't, here is a run down of what article marketing is, and more importantly, what it does. Article marketing is basically when you/employee types up an informative guide or article in your niche or industry. You submit this informative 400-1500 word article to article directories for free. The reason why it's free? Why submit them?

      Article marketing is free for a few reasons. One, websites need new and fresh content to stay favorable with the search engines. Two, content allows for contextual ads, most popularly, Google AdSense which allows any given page to become a source of revenue where there are stories, articles, news, events, etc.

      Who visits these articles? People searching for a particular keyword on search engines stumble upon articles, and in fact, is now a new SEO method for many online businesses. If you don't have a website, this is an obvious advantage to your company which I will explain next. Website owners also visit the articles to publish them on their own sites for free via article directories.

      The advertising benefit of your article. When you submit an article, at the end, there is what is called a bio. This area of the article is the place where you are able to brand you company as well as give contact information such as your, address, and other contact details. These can be sales numbers, email addresses, or whatever else you want.

      So say you write an article on "Yacht Charters - How To Find the Right Yacht Charter for Your Event" as your title of an article as well as some instances of yacht charters within the body of the text as well, your article may show up in a Google search and have people reading that article along with your author bio every time they click that search result. If your article is at the top page of searches for "yacht charters", you can very well end up with 40,500 people reading your author bio, who are interested in your company services in the first place. This all done without a website of your own.

      Articles go viral! Not only can the SEO benefit catch you by surprise, your article can go mainstream viral if it is a well written. Now get this, as a brick and mortar business, your article already carries a HUGE advantage over the other articles submitted by website owners. How is this? Simple, the websites that need fresh content go to these directories to obtain an article, however, they have to post any active link that the author put in his bio on their site with the article too. In the SEO world, sites hate to give a link away from their site, they want more links coming in instead. This makes your site-less/link-less article a more valuable and desired resource for webmasters. Your article can go viral by leaps and bounds with the right subjects and exposure.

      The potential is unlimited and all you need is some inginuity and an email address to start marketing your business online. You can hand submit to the top article directories by visiting or you can pay to have your article submitted to hundreds or even thousand of sites. I suggest you read more about article writing at

      Good luck everyone with your free business advertising! I hope this helps.