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    How to secure a domain name?

    WhiteBrow Wayfarer
      We'd like to have a website for our business. How do I find out if my desired domain name is available? Also, how do I secure or purchase the rights to the domain name?
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          akgold Adventurer
          There are many domain name registration sites where you can enter the domain you would like and search for the results. One thing to note is that many websites offer this free service for searching for the domains. They also offer the paid service of registering the domain and hosting the website. It's best to have a single company handle registering the domain and also hosting your website. Changing your domain from one company to another is possible, but it can be a bit of a hassle.

          Check out or for just two of the many sites.
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            SCORE85 Newbie
            I am a great fan of where you can search for a name, obtain the URL very inexpensively and even build a website without having to know HTML.
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              Woodstock Newbie
              Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may also offer this service, often for a reduced price. Our domain is hosted by Panix (, who are very technically savvy and also offer Web site hosting, e-mail, etc.
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                emmagination Newbie
       is a great website, but they mainly a reseller from Wild West Domains. The service is the same for several other Domain Registrars such as which can be cheaper than GoDaddy at times. Buying a domain name from one or the other makes no difference in service, but you can compare prices to save you a few bucks. Each service can mark up there own prices for more of a profit margin. There are other Registrars out there as well that resell for Wild West Domains, so you can shop around.
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                  jamaicanlady Newbie
                  You can 'lease' a domain name for up to 10 years. There are lots of domain hosts to choose from. Currently, the most popular in my client world are and . Godaddy has increased their price in the last month - not sure why they felt that this was necessary for a .com extension. My clients have been happy with .

                  Remember that website hosting can be obtained in other places. If you purchase domain hosting and website hosting at the same place, look for a template based website offer that would help you to get your site up more easily than having to worry about learning how to design a site from scratch.
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                    dilyan Newbie
                    For names availability you can check,,
                    the price per domain names starts as low as 2.99$ per year if you purchase domain name with .info extension. Also, those domain providers, offer hosting for your website for as low as 5$ per month (1and1)

                    If you plan to have a business with large e-commerce factor, my advice is buy domain names packages - all or as much as possible domain names that are phonetically associated with your name

                    If by chance your desired domain name is already taken you can use a domain buying agent (it is easy to notice it - at godaddy it pops up right after the notice 'daomain name is taken' ) . Price of some good domain names - generic words - are in the range of few thousads dollars ... but with a little creativity you can find a good available name.

                    if you want memorable yet cheap (i mean free) and available name try with, .. easy to make websites/blogs .. for free ...and very likely to have good names available. The only inconvenience will be that your name will look something like
                    - a combination of your chosen name and the name of the hosting entity.
                    hope this info was helpful

                    Have a good one


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                      NatOnline Tracker
                      First, if you want to secure a domain, you should buy all extentions: .com. .net, .org, .us, etc.... of you domain name.

                      Second, how secure would you like your domain? When I was with the registrar Enom, I had some domain names hijacked by network solutions and found website on my domain I did not own, enom did not do anything about my complaint because I bought the domain from a reseller.

                      The solution is a total secure registrar, I recommend, they are very nice people and security is top level.
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                        WhiteBrow, we use, I'ts a Wild West Domains reseller similar to godaddy, however as someone mentioned there are times that some resellers are cheaper than godaddy for the same exact products.

                        Also, when people mention "cheaper" in this thread, it should only be a matter of $1 or $2 cheaper. You should not have to pay more than $9 or $10/yr for a .com or .net domain name.

                        A few suggestions:

                        Always purchase the .com and the .net if available. Most of the other TLD's (.info, .org, .tv, etc.) are good to have to prevent anyone from using them but the .com and .net are most important.

                        The most difficult part of the domain name purchasing process is searching finding the right name thats available. offers an Advanced Search feature that provides you with a list of available domain name options to choose from by entering key words.

                        Keep your domain name as short as possible and avoid including hyphens if possible eg.

                        Good luck!
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                          BarryHurd Wayfarer
                          GoDaddy is not a reseller of wildwestdomains, GoDaddy is the retail arm of WildWest. They offer pricing that is slightly over the cost of their reseller division so that they are not competiting with them directly. You can buy a reseller account for $100 and up per year (I have one at

                          When registering domains, keep in mind that you will also want to purchase keyword variations that are important to your business. For instance if you are a seattle doctor, you would want to possibly get or to get traffic. You can actually see what keywords are important to your business by visiting Google and using their keyword traffic estimator (just google "keyword traffic estimator"), which is a free tool for seeing traffic trends.

                          Most likely the most competitive combinations of keywords are already taken in domain names, but do not assume this. I've purchased very significant sources of traffic for $8 a year by spending $50 to $5000 on domain names that are drawing in relevant traffic for client businesses.
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                            sliqua Wayfarer
                            I wouldn't trust the majority of the websites mentioned above, as a lot of them are used for domain harvesting. Go directly to the source, Verisign, and use This queries the whois database directly. When registering a domain name, go with a trusted source, such as Network Solutions, which has a large stake in the domain registration market. Even GoDaddy has had quite a few large complaints for hijacking domains for days due to "abuse". An example of this is available for your listening pleasure at

                            Best Regards,
                            Alexander McMillen
                            Sliqua Enterprise Hosting, Inc.
                            1-877-4SLIQUA x201
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                                CorpCons08 Ranger
                                Why not just secure a domain name through your hosting provider?

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                                    sliqua Wayfarer
                                    Let's look at the worst case scenario here. Say your hosting provider (who you registered your domain with) goes belly up, and your website is down.

                                    If you can't access your domain registration settings to change things like name servers to another hosting provider, your website will remain down until you can get in contact with your current hosting company to transfer away the domain. And even if you attempt to force a domain transfer, the entire process can take upwards of a week.

                                    Registering your domain from a 3rd party source allows you to move your domain wherever you need to, when you need to, without relying on your current hosting provider for anything.

                                    A great example of a domain nightmare was in my previous post. The domain registration provider GoDaddy was the registrar for a datacenter which hosts thousands of websites. A single server on their network was hacked, and GoDaddy decided to take it upon themselves to hijack the domain. Marc Perkel was unable to get the domain working again for 72 hours (I believe). Thus, all of the websites hosted at that datacenter remained down.

                                    Best Regards,,
                                    Alexander McMillen
                                    Sliqua Enterprise Hosting, Inc.
                                    1-877-4SLIQUA x201
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                                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                                    My experience echos sliqua's recommendation, especially if you know you're in business to stay -- versus just needing a "personal" domain or a home-based business domain that may be short-lived (in which case a cheaper option may be a fine place to start). I've used Network Solutions since '96 (when they were the only domain name registrar). I have over twenty domain names registered for four different companies and have never had a single problem of any kind.
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                                      moogrdotcom Adventurer
                                      GoDaddy is perfectly fine. Just make sure you use a reliable email account as your registrant info. Never use the email address of your domain name as the registrant for the domain. Get a gmail/yahoo account and register using that. Godaddy is a bit annoying with all the offers but you can get a locked, private registration on godaddy for much less than the "basic" solution from network solutions (who has terrible support as well).

                                      not a single problem.. if your domain gets hijacked more often than not you let it expire.
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                                          sliqua Wayfarer
                                          I'm not particularly sure what you think having a reliable email account for the registration is going to save you from getting a domain hijacked...

                                          In every case I've seen with GoDaddy domains getting hijacked, the domain owners were contacted via e-mail after the fact and not given any warning in advance. When they called in and asked to speak to GoDaddy's abuse department, they were told the department was closed for the day and there was nothing they could do until the next business day.

                                          Network Solutions charges more than just about any domain registrar out there because they have a controlling interest in the registry. A registration through them is like getting it directly from "the source". And unlike GoDaddy, they actually have a clue when it comes to abuse cases because they've been in the business since the beginning. In addition, their policies aren't as restrictive as GoDaddy as they aren't trying to police the internet like Bob Parsons, the president of GoDaddy, has taken it upon himself to do. He even argues with clients on his personal blog about it.

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                                              NatOnline Tracker
                                              I agree with your comments, and will ad ENOM as well because their abuse department doesn't care.

                                              For people looking for cheap registrars, remember you get what you pay for.

                                              A very good registrar with security cost more money, but it would be harder to hijack your domains.
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                                                  sliqua Wayfarer
                                                  I'm really glad that you commented about how ENOM's abuse department doesn't care. Because per the posts above about Google's domain registration service, Google DOES NOT run their own registry. They outsource domain registrations to ENOM.
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                                                      moogrdotcom Adventurer

                                                      If you get domain jacked at godaddy you will get domain jacked at network solutions. Domain Registration is easy to track and it takes consumer education to understand how to protect yourself and prevent it from happening to begin with. Network Solutions will NOT provide you more protection if your domain is hi-jacked and they're not worth the price they charge.

                                                      The only reason i recommended a free email is because the scenerio where you stated that if your domain is jacked you don't have access to your email. That is entirely not true if you stick to a 3rd party email service for your domain registration info.

                                                      Education is what will protect the consumer. Not some overpriced rip-off registrar.

                                                      infact if you google network solutions you will see just how evil they are in trying to ruin everything from domain registration to spammed dns entries.
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                                                          sliqua Wayfarer
                                                          I've yet to have a single issue getting anything done with Network Solutions, even after transferring over 100+ domains to my bulk account with them. Their pricing is quite fair at around 9/yr when you buy in bulk. However, they are a little expensive when just buying 1 domain directly from them for a year at $35/yr. However, you get what you pay for in every industry, and in ours- I feel that its money well spent, from a support aspect they are excellent as well.

                                                          When it comes to your comments about being an overpriced, rip-off registrar... I'm sure that ANY legitimate business could afford $35/yr and it is NOT too much money for the security that comes with having your domain registered from the source instead of a 3rd party.

                                                          I'm not going to debate this any longer. I've had my fair share of
                                                          issues with GoDaddy and just about every other large registrar under
                                                          the sun. Afterall, it's my job as a web host to deal with such problems
                                                          on a regular basis. I'm giving my professional opinion, based on my
                                                          experiences with all of the registrys, in order to assist folks in
                                                          making an educated business decision.

                                                          If you would like to debate this out further, you may contact me
                                                          directly. I could debate about this issue for days in a highly
                                                          technical manner. However, I think that it would be inappropriate to go
                                                          into the technical aspect on these forums, as it's for business and not
                                                          the tech community.
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                                                RB4711 Newbie
                                                Domain name should incorporate a keyword, in my opinion. I use and to find expired domains using my keywords that I will use for marketing. I also check the relavance of my keywords using exactseek and a link at web sites. Godaddy and are my combo registrar and web hosting companies. I must tell you that I own 33% of (shameless plug). Over the years I have use these combined resources to get some great domain names and counting. I hope that this information is helpful to you. Happy New Year!
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                                                  stick2basics Newbie
                                                  Actually, everybody else is right. But, the fastest, easiest way to do it would be via Open a gmail account if you don't already have one. Login and under the settings, accounts there is a link at the bottom that reads something like: Have your own domain? Included the link below:

                                                  $10 will get you the domain, it is a private domain ( your info will not be outthere), unlimited e-mail addresses, website, etc. You can manage it and everything is included. Thank you

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                                                    LUCKIEST Guide
                                                    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
                                                    Have a blast in 2008
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                                                      webmasters Adventurer
                                                      To learn the availability of a domain name you can use this link: and in the whois lookup text input field type in the desired domain name and click the search button. You will soon learn the availability of that domain name.

                                                      Purchase a domain name. WARNING Make sure when purchasing your domain name it is actually being purchased in your name and that you have full administrative control such as user name and password to the control panel that locks, unlock, transfer, re-register or point your domain name to another name server. At we provide all the above domain tools.

                                                      I hope this helps.

                                             1-858-605-0942 | 24/7 Telephone sales and support
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                                                        websolutions Tracker
                                                        wait everyone,(silence) let the master speak!

                                                        Master speaking: You must visit - this is the tool you will need to find the best registrar for your domain.
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                                                            alvin101 Wayfarer
                                                            This is a rather old post, but I am jumping in anyway.

                                                            I have been at this business of websites and domain names for a while now.

                                                            I have recently acquired a domain name register reseller account and
                                                            can offer near wholesale prices for domain name registers, less then
                                                            $10.00 USD

                                                            I have a domain that I use to give free sub domains, you can get
                                                            started here for free, However this domain is only for selected
                                                            scripts, I specialize in php/mysql, (cms, erp, etc.)

                                                            If you are in need of something simple just get the host that gives you
                                                            the best deal, almost all hosts offer one or two free domain name
                                                            registers with a hosting plan, check If
                                                            you are ready to jump in with both feet, using third party software and
                                                            scripts, you will want a host with good customer support, when you have
                                                            a problem most tech support will simply tell you they don't support
                                                            third party software, and you are stuck with things that don't work, I
                                                            have been there. I have not found better tech support then

                                                            If any of this is unclear please email me, I will do what I can to help.

                                                            Regards, Alvin
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                                                            wfajardo Wayfarer
                                                            Hay thanks guys the information you have provided is excellent and I can use for my business.
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                                                              socalbits Wayfarer
                                                              Godaddy is a good one, but whe it comes to hosting DNS and purchasing a website, i use Network Solutions.

                                                              FYI - DO NOT search for a domain at network solutions website unless you are ready to purchase it immediately. If not, they will register the domain and you will have to buy it from them at a higher price (in my experience).

                                                              I've also used google to purchase domains and works fairly well (my own site is through google apps).