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    HealthCare  Business

    Dr.Jenny Newbie

      *MediTravels i*s a global corporate business connecting Patient to Expertise doctors /Physicians


      overseas, at affordable Medical Procedures Costs. With an affiliation of 15 hospitals all over


      the globe , MediTravels likes to expand its network to more outlets in and around Europe


      Middle East and in the Asian Sub-Continent.


      *Medi**Clinik* is itz parallel business entity, catering to low cost quality treatment and


      consultations for both Insured and Non-insured patients at St.Louis.


      With specialty Physicians , MediClinik focuses to expand this low cost quality treatment for


      the Insured ,Underinsured and Non-Insured through out US.


      Seeking Investment funds to join as Investment Partners and Angel Investors with


      Investments ranging from $ 250,000 and above. Lucrative benefits for all range of Investors.




      Dr. Jenny



      14173 Unit- C Manchester Road
      • Manchester, Missouri, 63011-4524*



      626-208-6770 - Office


      314-835-7500 - Cell