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    I started my Home Business

    paid2spend Newbie

      Hello all,
      My name is Yvonne I just started my own Home based business 2 months ago and I am like the commercial about Dunken Donuts coffee I want to scream it from the roof tops. I believe I will succeed in this business I love what I am doing!! I get paid by paying my monthly bills. This is the greatest! I have worked hard all my life and this is how I choose to "Make money work 4 ME" I am done trading my time at a 9-5 job for a little paycheck. I know that starting is hard, but what isn't? I just want to give everyone the encouragement they need to succeed to make life what you want it to be. There is so much opportunity in this world reach out and grab it. I wish you all the best for your business. Remember what ever you choose to do, put your heart and soul into it and believe You Will Succeed!


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I started my Home Business, Welcome Yvonne

          Well said. Best of luck with your own Home Based Business.

          If SCORE or I can help, let me know. SCORE is FREE.

          Again, Best of luck, LUCKIEST
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            paid2spend Newbie
            Thanks, If any one has any ideas how I can get more people with a just a little spark in them to want to do what I am doing all would be appreciated. Thank's Luckiest on your reply. If any one intrested visit my website
            or my travel website which is my website has very competitive rates.
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              johnpaint1 Wayfarer
              Good luck with that business, I really hope it works out for you.I know a lot of people are very leary of home based business.I would like to be able to make some money that way on my off time but I know it's harder than people let on, if it wasn't a lot more people would be doing it.
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                  paid2spend Newbie
                  Hey, Well Thanks for the support. The Home Based Business is hard but with determination everyone and anyone can do it. I am telling you it takes work but pays off in the end, Ask yourself where will you be in say 2 years, don't know no body does lose the fear and the bad thoughts do your research and dive right it. You may not have a lot of money but "YOU SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY, MAKE THE DOLLAR WORK FOR YOU!!"
                  All i do is go through my website to do my business, I have my Dish network, my cell phone plans, my home security system, and have other services through my website I am my own Mall. I get paid a percentage for every bill I pay a month on my services. I can pay of my morgage and my car but never my monthly bills so why not get paid for them. I am generally a store w/ alot of diffrent services I don't do my website maintenance its all taken care of for me and I have a back office that tracks everything. I also have a travel website I get paid over 50% of what is purchased through the travel website. If your or any one is interested contact me.
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                  WOWBiz Wayfarer

                  Hi Yvonne,


                  Promote your business through.




                  Wowzzy Provides you


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                    adminpartners Wayfarer
                    congrats Ivonne.. how exciting.. this is truly an accomplishment
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                      MrCrusty Wayfarer
                      I realize it has been a few months since you posted your letter here but with summer coming just around the corner (we hope).

                      Here's another suggestion for you to get the word out that you are in business.

                      The cost is relatively cheap and the rewards can be tremendous.

                      Word-of-mouth advertising is the BEST out there so you need to be where there are a lot of mouths.

                      One place to get a lot of mouths are schools. There are often looking for wholesome products for lunches at a reasonabel cost.

                      Another location would be farmers markets or flea markets call them what you like. They are small stalls in an open space for a short time.

                      They often run out about $10-20 bucks a day.

                      Check out
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                        MrCrusty Wayfarer
                        Contact me at I would like to air your story to other bakery entrepreneurs.

                        Starting a home bakery is not always easy and for instance Florida has a strong option against home based business in general, or so I'm told!
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                          mygenieforyou Adventurer

                          Congratulations!! Follow your dreams!

                          If you would like a hint on marketing your opportunity check out my website. I found this really cool tool that promotes my business right along side online sites such as walmart, ebay, buy, target, amazon, etc and you can give these out for FREE and every time someone does a search your name comes up!!

                          Here's the info:

                          You can download yours for free also.

                          Good luck, Dan