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    buying stock now is it a great idea ?

    santos514 Adventurer
      Yes I do think so if you can afford to wait 3-5 yrs to reap the full benefit, stock price is at the lowest they have ever been in as long as I can remember, you have to be careful which stock to buy that where you should seek the help of a broker. I beleive that in the next 3-5yrs we are going to see a whole new set of millionaries emerage from take advantage of this opportunity.
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          intechspecial Ranger
          I am by no means a stock market analyst, nor do I claim to be.

          I agree with you on your view with one exception.

          We need to watch for a bit more, to make sure it is completely at it's bottom.

          I personally believe that it has a higher chance of continuing downfall before it makes a complete upward swing.

          I also feel that the change in the Presidential Administration, will extremely increase the odds of the stock market complete recovery.

          Patience is a virtue, so sit and watch a bit more before you invest. When you see that their are no longer any major drops for a minimum of 1 and a half weeks, hit it!