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    Business and Personal Holiday Gift Giving

    Basket_Guy Adventurer

      With the holiday season upon us it's time to make up that shopping list. Like many of us your list is probably made up of friends, family and people who have helped advance your business and/or career. We send gifts that express our gratitude and make a lasting impression and Gift-giving can be an excellent way to build lasting business and personal relationships. Receiving a gift makes us feel good and consequently, makes us feel good about the person who has given us the gift.


      One of the keys to good gift-giving is in knowing what is and what is not appropriate. Sending a gift basket to one of your customers for a referral they sent you is appropriate. Sending a Christmas themed gifts to a client of the Jewish faith would not be appropriate where a Kosher gift would be. When it comes to business and corporate holiday gift giving it is best to give gifts that are without holiday themes such fruit baskets or other neutral styled gift baskets, do to the varying religious and personal beliefs. An exception to this rule is if you know the receiver's personal or religious beliefs, giving a gift that reflects their beliefs makes the gift more personal and creates a lasting impression.


      Regardless of the gift you give one of the most important aspects of gift giving and the item that will have the greatest impact on the recipient is the note that you attach to the gift. Heartfelt thought needs to be put into the note that is sent with the gift. If a person or a group is important enough to be on your holiday shopping list for you to send them a gift than a note from you telling them why you appreciate them is important in creating a lasting impression. Sending a note with your gift that states "Seasons Greetings from your company" than your company and gift will be lost with all the other companies and people who send them gifts. In today's economy you need to stand out from the rest and show your true appreciation for your clients choosing you. Creating a personal message of thanks that is personal and heart felt for each gift that you send or give goes a long way in building long-term business and professional relationships.



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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Nice post.

          I have a few questions:

          Does it matter whether I hand write the note or type it out because my penmanship may be bad?

          What should the note contain?

          Can I remind them of the great products we offer?

          Should I view this as an opportunity to sell?
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              Basket_Guy Adventurer
              Thank you,


              In response to your questions.

              Handwriting does tend to give a more personal touch to the note, but in some instances handwriting the note is not always possible. Such as when clients purchase our gift baskets, we type up the notes our customers request and send it out with the gift. Another reason would be if your penmanship is anything like mine they would not be able to read the note, so it would be ok to type the note and make sure to sign it personally.

              Your note should have a personal touch of why you felt you needed to send them the Gift. An example would be:


              Mr. X (or their first name depending on your relationship with them) thank you for all your help with the John Doe account. The work and research you put into the project is greatly appreciated. I look forward to being able to work with you in the future.


              By stating a specific event lets the recipient of the gift know that you remember them personally and that they where not just another face in the crowd.


              If the gift you are giving is a marketing gift that you are using to promote your business then reminding them of the products you offer or using the opportunity to sell would be ok.


              If the gift is a true gift to show appreciation to your client do not use it as anything else do not mention your other products or use it as an opportunity to sell. To blend the two together would most like be perceived by the recipient that you are saying I am giving you this because I expect you to buy this, causing the gift to be viewed negatively by the recipient. This is not what gift giving is all about.


              Thank you for your response, I hope this helps.


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              avibenshi Newbie
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