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    Starting a business

    1000QUESTIONS Wayfarer
      Hey everybody - thanks for all the info. I don't know who came up with the idea but I just think forums are one of the greatest ideas ever. So simple yet highly effective. Anyway I am interested in starting a vending machine route and I would like to know everything i need to know but if you could provide just one piece of the pie i would be happy. First things first. I already purchased a good working machine and I already have an excellent location for it. I will be perfectly happy with the one machine for the next two years before i would actually look further. The thing that has me worried or thinking is that half of the product offering in the machine would be sandwiches that i make and wrap. The machine is refrigerated. I would like to know if I need some kind of food permit or license? Either for the preparation or sale of food or both. The rest of products would be cookies and chips. I live in New York. Also I would like to know if anyone has any idea as to what business structure would be good for this. I already have a full time job and I will be the only employee. I would appreciate any help on the subject. Thanks