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    Online  Marketing assistance

    daretodream Newbie
      Hi all my name is Crystal,

      I have been in this line of business since 2000, have closed shop in 2001. Due to kids and other priorities.
      Reopened in 2007 with going back to a inhome business. With its growth I have opened a shop in Alsip Illinois. We have been at this location since 6/07 . I am currently network with Davids Bridal, and also have some on line advertising going on with yahoo and google. ( ad words $$$) I am also woking with a e-mail marketing company which allows me to send current promotions to all of my possible leads.
      My question is that we all know the money that is spent with ad word campaigns, and our competition, as they are all aware of how the system works. I would like to know if anyone can offer me other options I can use to market my services. Take a look at our website. I am opened to suggestions.
      I would like to stay consistant with managing my montlhy needs for advetising. Maybe you could offer other online marketing option that are cost effective fo me.

      I currently spend about 200.00 a month with google as a sponsored business under balloon decor' balloon decorations
      I pay Davids bridal about 225.00 for a lead list
      about 200.00 a month with adwords for google
      and the same for yahoo

      thats close to 900.00 a month with online marketing alone. Please offer some assistance .