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    Credit Repair

    Stylista Newbie

      Has anyone tried a credit repair company and if so do you recommend them?
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          Fortis Adventurer
          Yes, we recommend customers to a credit repair company all the time. The hope is that the repair program will boost their score and come back to us for the financing they were looking for originally. Many are able to get help and do come back. We believe its certainly worth the money since the score increase should save you money on interest.

          You do need to be careful though on which company you decide to use. Make sure they are a TASC members. Thats the association that governs the industry. Most of the companies from what I am told are not members.

          Good luck

          Fortis Capital

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            NoBullFunding Scout
            It's important to understand what these types of companies can and can't do.

            They can 1) help you manage your credit in such a way that your score will rise. For example, they can help you manage your "% of revolving available" ratio, which can impact your score. They can explain to you all the factors that will affect your credit, so you can act accordingly. 2) Help you resolve factual errors on your credit report

            They can't remove derogatory information that is factually correct, including judgments, late payments, # of inquiries, etc. Anyone who claims they can do that is lying to you and is doing something illegal.
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              BizHelper Newbie

              I have some information that may help you depending on what type of credit issues you are speaking of. Please email me so we may speak.