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    How Are People Sponsoring 20 Reps a Month? Part 1

    ChrisEaton Wayfarer
      I'm always getting asked, " What are the ones sponsoring 20 reps each and every month doing that I'm not doing?"

      When getting started out, it's very easy to get disappointed when
      you have someone that you know will join your business, but don't.
      Something you have to understand right from the beginning is the 4 SW's:
      1. Some Will2. Some Won't3. So What4. Somebody's Always Waiting
      With that mindset you don't have to be over concerned. You need to
      adopt the mindset of not being concerned on whether people will "
      Raddle " onto to the idea or not.
      Keeping this in mind, it's usually the one's you don't think will
      like the business or even be right that will come in your business.
      If you have any question feel free to let me know. : )

      Chris R
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