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    Looking For Chat Operators For your Business Click Here

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      Live Webchat Support @ £ 14.95 per month
      All software provided - Free Of Cost. NO HIDDEN COST


      *Live customer service support on your website.
      *A Free Human operator to handle on-line visiters inquires of your product & services.


      *Increase online conversions and customer acquisitions with real-time assistance.
      *Market promotions and discounts directly to online visitors through Proactive Chat.
      *Reduce shifting of indirect customers to other brands.
      *Increased customer satisfaction levels through convenient customer service.


      What We Do:

      1.Ourweb chat service works to answer questions, provide instant online support, and increase contact information for better customer tracking! Did you know that 75% of all visitors & shoppers abandon website before knowing about all product & services?

      2.Our Live web receptionist service will turn your web site into a selling powerhouse!

      3.We provide all the instructions, your web designer needs to puts our code on your pages. Then we ask you a few questions about how you would like your LIVE RECEPTIONIST to work, and within 24 hours it is all up and running.

      4.Ourall operators are from IT & Customer Service background, so we know and understand how to handle online customer enquiries and converting them into sales.

      5.We also provide complete Off-Line services, which includes off-line visitor tracking and direct message system.

      Lets See How it works:

      When your visitor clicks on our button, a chat session with our operator begins. We'll answer your visitor's questions and will even collect your visitor's contact information and forward it to you for follow up.

      Our operators are notified every time a visitor comes to your web site, and we can see exactly what page they are visiting and how long they have been on that page. Our operators will be proactively inviting all visitors,they will introduce your product & services, supply all information you'd like to provide, take them to your specials page,answer all type of questions,collect all required information from them and will do all possible atempts to convert your enquiries into sales.

      We will forward you chat transcript as soon as we complete the chat with your prospects, so that you can see what happened during the conversation. You can fine tune the answers you'd like us to give, or tell us which features you'd like us to emphasize in future contacts. Also you will learn exactly what your visitors are looking for when they come to your web site.


      Contact :
      Vineet Mishra


      Click This Link For More Info: